Airport Construction Video Update

The new Panama City Bay County International Airport is flying along with more than 50% of the total work complete and only 40% of the total alotted time used.  This places the hard working teams on site about 3 months ahead of schedule.

Anticipation grows daily as the whole site is in a constant state of change.  I was up there Thursday of last week and it looks totally different from the way it looked just 60 short days ago.

I could tell you more, but you’ll just have to watch the video.

View in HD

2 thoughts on “Airport Construction Video Update

  1. As a worker at the new airport I can say things are changing rapidly; Too rapidly. In The quest to complete the project ahead a schedule, costly mistakes are being made. The different trades are already working in a dangerous environment and the danger increases as we are pushed to finish ahead of schedule. We should be putting safety ahead of bonuses. Don’t be shocked if the new airport is plagued with problems due to substandard workmanship. The workers want to build a quality airport, but the pace of the hurried schedule is not allowing that to be done. It will cost more to fix the problems later, than it would if we are allowed to do things right the first time. OSHA would have a field day, as would immigration. The contractors put on a good show when public officials and media are around, try coming out unannounced.


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