Airport Update – Pictures of the Terminal Progress

The terminal at the new Panama City Airport located in West Bay in Bay County is moving along at a swift pace.  The percentage complete is just under 20% with all the pilings in place and the second floor structure being formed right now.

Construction of the terminal will last for the duration of the project.


3 thoughts on “Airport Update – Pictures of the Terminal Progress

  1. I really hope that major airlines will come, like southwest, for direct flights. I have to drive all the way to Jax to get my kids up to Maryland at least twice a year, its getting old. Any word on that?



  2. We are so excited to see the progress of the New International Airport in Bay County. For many years, the general public has driven to other cities in the southeast to access the airlines needed to accomplish their travel destinations. This new airport will be the first one built in the US since 9/11 and it will have the safety features that will be a bonus to travelers coming in and out of the Panama City,Fl. area.
    With the new Pier Park shopping, dining and entertainment venues, Panama City already has a great deal to offer. We anticipate many new international buyers who will be able to take advantage of the area and enjoy better travel arrangements. With the fantastic prices of real estate and the The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches, we are looking forward to a very bright future in the Panhandle.


  3. Hi Cara, I live in PCB and fly to MD on occasion. The most reasonably priced airport flights are out of Pensacola (PNS). Just went 3 weeks ago using Delta (PNS to Philly (PHL) and paid less than $200.00.


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