Pier Park Christmas Parade [Pictures]

With a brief break in the frigid weather, this year’s Christmas Parade was as great as ever.  With thousands of attendees lining the route that weaved through Pier Park and float riders passing out buckets of candy and beads, Saturday evening was a joyous time for all.

Float participants ranged from local ROTC groups to the various news stations, The Shriners, High School bands, Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst, The Beach Mosquito Control and more.  The parade ended with an appearance from Jolly Old Saint Nick himself, Santa Clause.

The parade was organized by the local Optimist Club and has been an annual tradition for 30 years.

One thought on “Pier Park Christmas Parade [Pictures]

  1. The parade was wonderful. However, again I state that the throwing of candy needs to stop. Throwing anything needs to stop. It should be enough for anyone just to see the floats, marchers and bands go by and wave. Where we were standing, I saw 3 children narrowly miss being struck by the vehicles, most of which have a limited range of vision when negotiating a curve, which they had down near the theater area. Yes, the parents need to keep vigilant watch over their children, but as a mother of two (grown now) I remember just how fast a child can break free of a parent’s grip to run after something they want, especially candy. Besides, when not aimed, some of that candy can hit people in the face and especially in the eyes. Stop it! Halloween just a month or so back. Do we really need any more candy? Beads are for Mardi Gras.


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