Guy Harvey's in Pier Park to Open Soon

Guy Harvey’s Island Grill in Pier Park will be open first part of April, as long as everything goes according to schedule.  Interior construction is heavy under way on the 10,000 square foot restaurant and shop and is located at the south side of Pier Park, right next to Reggae J’s and across from Back Porch and Margaritaville.

This will be Guy Harvey’s fifth location with others located in Orange Beach, AL, Marco Island, Key West and Grand Cayman.

The Pier Park location will feature a restaurant that will seat around 200 people and a shop where tourists and locals alike can purchase merchandise from artwork to belts adorned with various sea wild-life.  There will be two levels, although at this time, I’m unsure what the second floor will hold.

The menu will include similar items as the other locations with a few “local” adaptations.  However, you will not see on the menu items such as swordfish, chilean sea bass, grouper, or any other billfish or shark species for that matter.  Guy Harvey deems these species threatened or depleted.

Visit for more details on Guy Harvey, and check the picture below to see what the place looks like inside, right now.

One thought on “Guy Harvey's in Pier Park to Open Soon

  1. I will never step in to Guy Harvey’s ever again. Poor food, poor service and in Key West some local kid was almost killed from one of there fishtanks.. Dangerous Place to go in


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