Pier Park New Year’s Eve Bash a Success [PICS]

For the third year in a row, Pier Park’s New Year’s Eve party was the largest on the beach.  With a family friendly atmosphere, tons of excellent live entertainment, 7,000 beach balls, loads of fireworks and a warm night, it’s no wonder this was the place to be.

Many of you remember last year’s beach ball drop blunder – this year, they used fabric nets and the deployment and drop of 7,000 inflatable beach balls fell without a hitch.  30 minutes before the drop, crowds began to gather below each net in anticipation.  And the crowds were thick.  I’ve never been a good estimator, but I’d say there was at least 15,000 people there new year’s eve night.

All in all, the crowd seemed tame, the entertainment was fantastic and most everyone had a great time.  Here are the pictures.


5 thoughts on “Pier Park New Year’s Eve Bash a Success [PICS]

  1. Awesome photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to participate this year, but after seeing the photos I will make it a point to be present next time. Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

    Thanks for sharing.
    -Lorenzo Faciane


  2. ahhhhhh. great time! front row. pink boas. blue jacket. gloriana. awesome other bands. new friends. t-shirt. started an amazing dance party with “the barry fish band” ♥ want to go back!


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