Pier Park Beach Ball Drop Video

Pier Park’s Beach Ball Drop in Panama City Beach was a huge success with thousands in attendance from all over the south-eastern United States.  The CVB’s marketing blitz covered our drive-to market while locals attended in droves.

I had a blast there with my buddy Lou shooting the whole event and have actually spent probably 12 hours reviewing and editing to get just over 5 minutes of reliving the New Year’s Eve Party on Panama City Beach.

The original version was about 8 minutes long, but I edited it down to really focus on the action. I hope that this brings back some of the emotion of the night for those of you that were there, and for those that were not there, I hope this depicts what an awesome time it truly was.

I want to thank Pier Park’s Felecia Cook for all the hard work that she and her assistant, Ashley Capps did to pull this great event off.  With the help of the PCB CVB and the local tourism industry, this is sure to be a grand tradition that we will all enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy the video.

View in HD

9 thoughts on “Pier Park Beach Ball Drop Video

  1. I too am thankful to all the people that participated in making the Pier Park event happen. I took my grandson Jack and his momma too, we had a great time and I was tickled to see so many people from out of town enjoying our beach. It has been pure joy to see Pier Park come alive and see all the people supporting it. It is so nice to focus on what is great about this time and celebrate our New Year.
    Great job Felicia and the rest of you!!!


  2. AWESOME VIDEO!! Well worth the wait…we were there and it was just that fabulous. We’ll be back next year and for years to come!
    Thanks Jason, your website keeps me going when I’m not at PCB.


  3. Great job Jason. Hopefully this will put an end to the arguments that families will not come to PCB in the off-season. It doesn’t matter that it may be too cold to swim in the gulf November through March. PCB has so much more to offer.


  4. Jason, Great job on your video…awesome coverage on this
    event. There was a Great Energy on the streets of Pier Park
    on New Year’s Eve despite the chill in the air. This event
    will continue to grow and get better and better with each year. The Simon Group made this all possible and we are thankful for that. Pier Park is sure to help make the holidays more enjoyable for PCB locals and visitors by offering great family events throughout the year.

    Thanks for your hard work of documenting these events.

    Happy & Healthy New Year!

    Laurie Olshefski (Owner)
    Jake at the Beach (Life is good Shoppe)
    Shimmering Seas Jewelry & Gifts


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