Pineapple Willy’s Raises $3500 for the New Public Library

This past Friday, in an event that featured the famous Pineapple Willy’s BBQ and inspiring blues from the acclaimed Johnnie Marshall Band, Panama City Beach officials and library supporters danced the night away as they raised money to help furnish the son-to-open new public library. A plate-style fundraiser in the form of a BBQ buffet, dozen showed and purchased a plate and enjoyed the live music, all-in-all totaling $3500.

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Details of Southwest Airlines and St. Joe "Partnership"

It was made quite clear by Bob Montgomery, Vice President of Properties for Southwest Airlines, that if it weren’t for St. Joe, Southwest Airlines wouldn’t be coming to Panama City.  The discussions between St. Joe and Southwest Airlines began over a decade ago.  One of the things that was explained to me a short while ago was that Southwest Airlines can go where ever they want to go; they just pick an airport, and the airport accommodates.  I was told that Southwest coming to Panama City made absolutely no sense from a business perspective and the prospect encompassed more risk than a company like Southwest would be willing to take.  But, what if the risk was mitigated by a third party?  That was their ticket into our market.

Read on for all the facts.

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Pensacola Paper Shows Bitterness towards Southwest

In an article in the Pensacola News Journal, writer Carlton Proctor is open with his resentment towards Southwest Airlines in an unrealistic bash on the popular airline.  Southwest Airlines recently chose the New Northwest Florida Panama City International Airport as their newest addition to an already vast portfolio of service areas.  Proctor uses casual banter and poorly researched and inaccurate facts to make an argument that is neither relevant nor credible.

Read on to see how I break down his “paper.”

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