Getting Your Central Air Conditioner Ready for Summer Use

Although it may still be cold outside for now, temperatures will soon start warming up. Of course, for those of us in Florida, that means we’ll need to turn on our central air conditioner units to stay comfortable. The following five tips will help you ensure that your unit is ready to work hard for you all summer long.

Change the Filter

This is perhaps the absolute simplest thing you can do to make sure that your central air conditioner is up to the job of keeping your home or business cool during the summer. First and foremost, though, you’ll want to decide what type of filter to use. The manufacturer of your unit likely recommends a certain type or brand, but many of these are interchangeable, as well. You can choose filters that simply remove dirt and debris from the air or you can even get a HEPA filter that will reduce allergens even at the microscopic level.

Check the Condensate Drain System

The condensate drain system is where all of the water goes that is created as your air conditioner cools the air. Remember that your units job is to remove the humidity from the air, and all of that humidity has to go somewhere in the form of water. Depending upon where your blower is located, your condensate drain system may be a gravity-fed drain or a pan installed under the unit itself. In some cases, and particularly in basements, a pump is used to remove this water as it collects. Make sure that you clear out the debris from these drains and ensure that things are flowing smoothly.

Clear the Debris

Central air conditioners are made up of more than what you can see in your home or business; there is also a condenser unit located outside which essentially acts as a radiator. Because its function is to essentially suck in outside air, it’s only natural that things like leaves, dust, pine needles and more will eventually block the fins. Every so often during the cooling season, and again after storms and other significant events, it is important to ensure that all of the debris is cleared away from the condenser.

Check the Ductsjimypic

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve thoroughly inspected all of the ducts in your home. This means checking that there are no rugs or other furniture covering or otherwise blocking the registers. Then, you may even want to open them up to make sure that no large particles of dirt and debris have become lodged inside. Finally, take the time to check the main ducts all along your house and ensure that they are all properly connected and sealed. This will make sure that the air your air conditioner is working so hard to cool is reaching its intended destination and not being lost in your attic or basement.
Here at A Superior Air Conditioning, we always recommend our 21-point inspection service prior to the cooling season. We will not only take a look at all of the things mentioned above, but we will check your system as a whole so that we can catch potential problems early. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Increasing the Longevity of Your Central AC Unit

Every homeowner who has ever had to purchase a new central AC unit knows that they are expensive. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to keep in mind a list of ways that they can increase the longevity of these units. There are some simple, easy steps that you can take to make sure that your AC continues to work just as well 15 years from now as it does today.

Air-Conditioning-RepairBuy the Right Size

One of the main problems that you can face with your central AC unit is simply having the wrong size unit. If the unit is too small for your large house, then it has to work overtime in order to keep the area cool – and it may not do a very good job, at that. This means that you can expect it to break down much more quickly. The same can be said for units that are too large for smaller homes; these will cycle on and off more quickly than normal, thus increasing the wear and tear on internal parts. In either case, choosing the wrong size will take years off of your AC unit’s lifespan.

Proper Maintenance

Although you’ve likely heard it time and time again, this point cannot be stressed enough. The regular maintenance of your central AC unit is the single most important thing you can do to increase its longevity. This starts at home with things like using the correct filters, changing them often, and keeping the outdoor components of your AC clean and free of debris. An annual inspection is also recommended as this can catch any potential problems early and prevent major repairs down the road. If your air conditioner is not in optimal condition each season, it will undoubtedly wear much faster than it normally would.

Use Ceiling Fans when Applicable

While many people are turning away from ceiling fans because they present several cleaning challenges, these can actually help to extend the life of your central air conditioner. First and foremost, running ceiling fans helps to evenly distribute the cooled air throughout your home and help your unit run more efficiently. Additionally, when it is not terribly hot and humid, you may feel comfortable when you shut off your AC and simply enjoy the breeze created by the fans. This can also help your air conditioner last.

Create Good Airflow and Check Thermostat Positioning

Finally it is important to ensure that each and every room of your home has adequate airflow. There is no point in opening registers wide in every single room since smaller rooms need less cooled air than larger ones. Thus, take the time to go through your home and close off registers that are not being used, open those that deliver air to the biggest, most used rooms, and see how you feel the most comfortable. Finally, be sure that the thermostat is not positioned directly in front a vent or in a location where bright sunlight will ‘trick’ it into registering that it is much warmer than it actually is.

If you have questions about the size of your central AC unit, are experiencing issues or would like to schedule an appointment for a knowledgeable professional to come to your home to inspect your unit, please do not hesitate to call us at A Superior Air Conditioning today!