6 New Things in Pier Park this Summer


1 – Big Top Treats

Nestled on the festival grounds of Pier Park in Panama City Beach, two local Realtors are opening a Seaside-esque Airstream (silver bullet) snack shack coming fully stocked with everything you need to keep you cool in the summer sun.  With everything from packaged ice creams to sodas to funnel fries and pretzels, Big Top Treats is sure to keep you feeling super cool.  Expansion is already in the plans for the future of this new addition with it to morph into a full restaurant sometime in the next year.


2 – The Miracle Strip Carousel

Resurrected from the Original Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Teddy and Jenny Meeks brought an old memory factory back to life and put it center stage in Panama City Beach’s most popular place to hang, Pier Park.  An original 1960’s Herschel Carousel, this ride was built to last.  Swarms of people have literally come out of the wood-work to relive memories and create new ones with friends and family alike.  Rides are $3 or you can get an all day pass for $5.


3 – Hawaiian Snow Cones

With three locations, you can’t miss the opportunity to savor some super sweet flavored crushed ice.  Notoriously overpriced, these syrup drenched cones are always worth it, and if you’re a parent, you know how much your kids just have to have one.  Located across from Tootsies, close to the Starbucks and Henna tattoo place, and across from Old Navy, you can’t miss their cute little carts.


4 – Repiccis Italian Ice

What’s the difference between Italian Ice and Snow Cones you say?  Well, actually not much.  However, Italian Ice tends to be “shaved”, whereas Snow Cones are more ground to a snow-like texture.  And, the typical flavors tend to vary.  Situated in front of and ran by Popcorn Kingdom, this Italian ice stand offers fruit flavors from mango to orange to lemon and is sure to quench your thirst in our crazy humid and hot weather.


5 – Tropical Beach Knick-Knack Shack

Ok, so I made up the name, but the place is for real.  Located right in front of As Seen on TV and Blender, Roger and his wife sell all sorts of hand-made-by-them knick knacks that would feel perfectly at home in your garden or around your home.  With tons of really cute stuff from palm tree signs that rest upon wood “posts” to Tiki Signs, if you are looking for some cute beachy stuff, this is the place to go.


6 – Little Tiny Turtles and Hermit Crabs

If you are here on vacation looking for that perfect pet, pick yourself up a tiny little turtle or a hermit crab.  These little guys are so cute, and come with their own little habitat for $27.  I personally wish these guys were in their natural environment instead of available for purchase, but if you promise to be very nice, you can go buy one.