Autoweek brings New 2010 Mustang to Panama City Beach

Now, I’m not as much into the car scene as I was when I was younger, but I recognized it when I saw it.  The new 2010 Mustang was spotted all over Panama City Beach yesterday, and I personally had a sighting on the main boardwalk area of Pier Park around 3 pm.

When I was younger, I could tell you the make and model of a car at night by seeing the headlights a couple hundred feet away, almost 100% of the time.  I knew approximate year, make and model of almost any car, it was weird, kinda like an encyclopedia.  In many cases I could tell you all about the car too.  I always new the new cars coming out and I can attribute that knowledge to all of my dad’s old Autoweek magazines that held their permanent home on the mantle until they became a few weeks old.

I have since become somewhat disinterested in cars as my kids occupy all my free time, but I thought something was fishy when I saw a Mustang yesterday that I hadn’t seen before.  Since Autoweek’s not been in my life, a few new models have snuck out on me over the years, but, this would have been pretty big.  I didn’t think of it much more than that.

Fast forward to this morning, when I get a google alert that Autoweek is here in Panama City Beach driving the new Mustang, furthermore, the drivers had to stay in the Mariott because they were “too young” to stay in a beachfront condo, as they all required renters to be 25.  So, what are a couple of pre-25 people doing driving a 2010 Mustang down to Panama City Beach?  Writing about their experience of course!

AutoWeek spring break: The Mustang gets noticed in Panama City