Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday in Pier Park

012609_mardigrasThis Saturday, February 14th, be sure to come out to Pier Park for the Mardi Gras Parade put on by the Krewe of Dominique Youx.  With around 50 floats expected and thousands of people to be there, it is sure to be a total blast.  The Parade starts at 3 pm at the intersection of Hills and Front Beach Road and will travel west-bound on Front Beach Road, enter into Pier Park and end at the end of the Boardwalk area at the round-a-bout.

The Krewe of Dominique Youx is Bay County’s original organization of over 185 members who have celebrated the festive Mardi Gras season here in Bay County for over 22 years.  Dominique Youx is the nickname used by the eldest member of the famous Lafitte family of buccaneers who sailed the southern seas in the early 1800’s plundering vessels of those deemed to be their enemies.  Dominique Youx was actually Fredric Alexander Lafitte, brother of Jean and Pierre Lafitte.  He was the first of the Brothers to become a buccaneer.  He was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte as a privateer and served for France during the war with Spain. When the Lafitte’s moved to New Orleans, the charismatic Jean Lafitte organized hundreds of rogues into a band of pirates who became the scourge of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Local rumor has it that some of their loot is still hidden in the estuary of St.Andrew Bay.

After the parade, be sure to join Bootleg Barbeque’s 1st Annual Mardi Gras Party and Crawfish Boil to benefit the Anchorage Children’s Home.  Bootleg will be serving up true Louisiana-style crawfish boiled to the tune of live zydeco music performed by Heat & the Zydeco Gents at 4 pm with festivities expected to roll through 8 pm.

Bootleg Barbeque, a locally owned and operated business, appreciates the community support it has received in its first year and is sponsoring this event as a small way to give back to the community through this truly worthy cause.

Anchorage Children’s Home is a private, non-profit, Christian organization serving, protecting and strengthening children, families and community.  Anchorage offers emergency shelter for children and youth who have been abused, abandoned and neglected.  Anchorage also offers services to homeless youth through transitional living, street outreach and maternity home programs.  Anchorage Children’s Home’s mission is to be an Anchor for today’s children…strengthening tomorrow’s families.

For more information on Anchorage Children’s Home visit their web site at
Event information can be found at Bootleg Barbeque’s  web site

Bootleg Barbeque Serves Local Flavor

Sorry and Jan Waddy. I know this is your story, and I’m totally copying it word for word on pcbdaily, but I wanted our readers to see this. I give full credit to the story and article to Jan Waddy and Florida Freedom Newspapers.

I love Bootleg Barbeque and was blown away at how good everything was and how well Josh and his staff treated us. The food was phenomenal.

The article:

PANAMA CITY BEACH – “I’ve been in the restaurant business since before I could drive,” said Josh Daugherty, owner of Bootleg Barbecue.

His first job was at “a little barbecue shack in Sandestin,” Pig’s Alley, which is still around.

“Fifteen years later, I was an executive chef at Santa Rosa Beach Club,” said Daugherty. After going the “fine dining route for many years,” he wanted to do “something a little more fun, barbecue.”

“It’s unpretentious,” said Daugherty, “but still has a lot of integrity to it.”

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