Comments on the TDC/CVB FY 2009 Budget

As Jason posted, a special meeting of the TDC/CVB board has been called for Tuesday, September 2nd at 9:00 AM. Based on the Agenda and an August 29th letter from President Dan Rowe to the Board, I believe the board will actually vote on the FY 2009 budget on Tuesday rather than just discuss it. It is so amazing that the “New” TDC now appears to be engaging in a budget process that has been basically closed to public knowledge or input. During Tuesday’s meeting, I hope that the board explains the following:

1. Why is the board scheduled to “Consider for Approval” the FY 2009 budget at the same meeting when it is being publicly discussed for the first time? While I understand that the budget needs to be presented to the County Commission for approval by the end of September, I have no idea why the CVB has waited till the last minute to schedule the first and apparently last public meetings on the subject?

2. Why has the special meeting been scheduled on the first business day after the holiday weekend? And why was it announced just one business day before taking place?

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