Weekend Events – T'was the weekend before Christmas…

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Come on down and chillax a little – this laaast chance before the BIG DAY. Who knows? You might enjoy it so much you’ll move your holiday celebration down here to Santa’s playground! We’ve got unique opportunities to have Christmas on the water, and IF you need a last minute gift-no worries- this is just the place to find something a little bit different!

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Should We 'Kick' MTV 'to the curb'?

Well, should we?  It would seem to me that we aren’t good enough for them.  Maybe we should take our $250k (read $200k) and do something more productive with it, rather than waste it on some antediluvian has-been.  I mean, seriously, who watches MTV anymore anyway.  Sure, all the left-wing east west coasters that are too concerned about the color of their hair than what is actually happening in the real world may still watch it but the ‘kids’ that vacation here during their college spring break spend their free time working, partying, or hanging out with friends, not watching the melodrama unfold between Paris Hilton and her new BFF.

Not to mention that we aren’t even talking about MTV, we are taking about MTVu, a trifle subsidiary of the Bid Dawg.  Sure it is college specific, but again, what does that mean today?

So what are these snobs up to now?  Well, the last marketing committee meeting, the committee motioned to reduce the amount paid to MTVu from $250k to $200k.  When confronted with this issue, MTVu basically cut what they were willing to bring to the table in half.

As per the MTVu Program Recap, the $250k vs. $200k:

  • In-market, main stage for 5 days instead of 10
  • Village for 7 days instead of 10
  • 2 concert days with 4 performances instead of 4 concert days with 8 performances
  • 225 :30 TV spots instead of 300
  • 5 million online impressions instead of 10 million
  • No database
  • No sweepstakes
  • No opt-in opportunity onsite

What?  They’re basically cutting their offering in half, for only $50,000 less.  What’s their deal?  Well, apparently, we aren’t good enough for them.  Apparently $200k is small potatoes for very little on their part.  I say we ditch the Brand and do it ourselves.  For $200k, we can hire someone else to put on a good show and do a lot of marketing, a-lot-of-marketing.  MTVu isn’t the only game in town.

I don’t like to criticize unless I have a good solution, but in this case, I’m doing just that.  There are others being paid to find a solution to this, and they’ve come up with MTVu.  I suggest we find an alternative.  The reality is, if we throw a big enough party (and for $200k, we can throw a pretty big party) MTV will be here anyway, because that is where the action will be.

Now, to you tourism leaders, resort owners and the like:  what are you afraid of?  What happened to good ‘ol fashioned marketing.  Most of you big guys are paying a salaried marketing person to come up with great ideas to get your brand out there.  Why have we become so reliant on the Government to supply us with our business?  Furthermore, the sky will not fall if the beloved MTVu brand turns their pink nose up at us.  The reality is that college kids still love to come here, others can organize huge shows to keep the crowds busy and the party will still be in Panama City Beach during Spring Break 2009.