The Resort Collection Giveaway: A Thank-You Present

The Resort Collection would like to say “thank-you” to all of their fans on Facebook for making them the most-liked property management company in Northwest Florida.  They are giving away an eight-megapixel digital camera dive mask from Liquid Image to one lucky fan.  “This is our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our guests and Facebook fans for being so supportive of us on Facebook,” says Paul Wohlford, vice president of sales and marketing for The Resort Collection. “It makes our job fun. When our guests are happy, we at The Resort Collection are happy!”

How to enter?

The drawing is open to fans of their page only, so make sure to “like” the page first!  Once a fan of the page, enter using your email address on the “Giveaways” tab.  Just make sure to enter before January 15th, 2012!

Good Luck to those who enter!  Congratulations to The Resort Collection and their properties!

TDC Meeting, Spring Break, Swordfish & Snowbirds

Jan 11th’s TDC meeting offered an eclectic mix of information.

Starting with the Vice-President of the Canadian Snowbirds, Nancy Hopcraft,  who caught my attention with the mention of the ‘Birds working on a potential “Retiree Visa” allowing those who qualify an opportunity to spend more time in Panama City Beach (or anywhere in the Nation).  It’s a wonderful idea, and one that’s sure to bring about an economic boost but we’re looking at least 2 years, before hearing any final words.

Continue reading “TDC Meeting, Spring Break, Swordfish & Snowbirds” Launches New Features, becomes more cool.

We’ve added some new features to enhance the awesomeness of

  • The Calendar – I don’t have to tell you why this is cool, but I will anyway.  It would only make sense that something like this would be on pcbdaily, I mean, afterall, we are awesome (there’s that word again).  The calendar is located in the sidebar, we can show as many months at a time as we wish, but we will usually only show one.  Now, of course is the exception, showing two, with so much happening in December.  In the future, we’ll have everything we can think of marked.  If you have something you want to add to the calendar, email jason at jason(at)
  • The Classifieds – Several have asked for a feature that they can post jobs, things for sale, services, things for rent, etc. We never could compete with the Craig’s List’s out there, but this could be a good place to list your Panama City Beach specific stuff.
  • Social Links – in the side bar, below the two square advertising blocks are five links to our various social networking sites:

Flickr is yahoo’s online photo sharing site.  We like to run our pictures through here because it gets them in front of thousands of others searching for Panama City Beach related pictures.  We actually just recently went back to hosting our pictures with them, so not everything is there, but there is quite a bit.  We have always beleived that a huge part of covering the Panama City Beach area is taking lots of pictures.  Using the web to share information, creates limitless possibilities at how much information we can share.  At any given time, you can click this link and browse all our pictures at all the events we attend.

Brightkite is a location based social networking site.  Users have the capability to ‘check-in’ at different locations via text message and send in pictures via email that are posted imediately with a caption.  Although we haven’t used the ‘check-in’ feature much, the taking pictures on the mobile phone and emailing them in is actually quite cool.  If we around town and see something new, we can snap off a shot and send it in with a quick caption.  Of course, it is tied to our Twitter account, so if you are following us there, then you’ll be notified of updates as they come through.

Twitter is sort of like mini blogging, with built in capability for instant notification.  Users can ‘follow’ us on Twitter and receive instant notification (depending on your mobility settings) on new content that is posted.  In addition to that sweet feature, we can post brief updates (140 characters or less) via mobile phone.  This is espcially useful if we are at an auction, TDC meeting or anything else live updates would prove useful at.  Many of you have enjoyed my live TDC updates in the past.

Facebook is the social networking site everyone is using.  You can connect with us, with our friends, and share.  You can see live updates, view pictures and video, see our friends, chat with people and us, and write on our wall.  Chances are you are already on Facebook, join us!

Vimeo is, in our opinion, the best video sharing site out there.  Youtube has great coverage, but it also has a lot of garbage.  We got tired of displayed youtube videos on the site, and frequently seeing videos of half naked drunks partying on the beach being offered after our videos.  Plus, Vimeo allows us to use HD video, which is obviously better.  All of our videos are in HD, and Vimeo allows us to share them that way, sweet!  You can check this page to see all our videos.

Please take a few to enjoy our social networking sites, and enjoy!