Panama City Beach July 4th Celebration Locations

July 4th is this Wednesday and in celebration of our country’s independence, there are a variety of fireworks displays to enjoy along the beaches of Panama City Beach.  Every year we’ve watched our local celebration grow as Pier Park has opened and more and more people flock to our beaches to commemorate the independence of our country.  And beginning last year, the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau responded to the public’s request and sponsored fireworks displays at three different areas along our beaches: Russell Fields Pier (at Pier Park), M.B. Miller Pier (County Pier) and Grand Lagoon.

Fireworks Display Locations and Event Schedule

This year, the fireworks display will be at three different locations, simultaneously.

Along with the fireworks display, there is always a huge celebration at Pier Park.


9:00 a.m. Veterans Celebration at the Veteran’s Memorial Park (adjacent to Aaron Bessant Park) Chairs will be provided for Vets and Families for the Morning Service.

7:30 p.m. POPS Performance in Aaron Bessant Park  — Bring your chairs, blankets and all the children.

9:00 p.m. Three Fireworks Shows all along the Gulf.  — City Pier, County Pier and Grand Lagoon.

History of Independence Day

Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States.

More information in Independence Day.

Marina Cantina Coming soon to Grand Lagoon!


New Restaurant at Capt. Anderson's Marina in PCB
Marina Cantina Opening April 30th!!!

There is a new, hot Mexican restaurant coming to Panama City Beach in just a few days!  I am as excited as an avocado….do they get excited?

Anyhow, having a mother that makes excellent home made salsa and with myself, having the inclination to put jalapenos on anything that doesn’t move…..I could not help but jump up and down when I found out that Jeff Freidrich, a seasoned Restaurateur was opening a nice Mexican Restaurant on Grand Lagoon at Capt. Andersons Marina.

Knowing that Friedrich had ran a chain of successful, Gourmet pizza restaurants in Seattle , I posed the question, “Why Mexican?”  He said that he saw the space and just knew he could do something great with it.  He asked himself, “What do we like to eat?”.  “What do we have a taste for that is not readily available in PCB?”  “How could we bring it here?”  These are the questions that lead him to the answer…….Marina Cantina, Modern Mexican Cuisine and Tequila Bar.

In the past, Friedrich mentioned he and his family had to drive into Panama City or down Highway 30A for gourmet mexican fare.  He wanted to be able to bring a nice, modern restaurant for our local PCB beachgoers with a discerning taste, and yet still make it casual enough that you could enjoy one of their signature margaritas in their flip flops.

The restaurant will not only have a full bar inside, with the largest tequila selection on the beach, but Marina Cantina will also boast a full bar outside, for patrons to enjoy nightly live entertainment on the dockside patio overlooking Grand Lagoon.

From what I have learned about this upcoming, modern mecca for authentic, Mexican cookery and a good time, is that there will always be SOMETHING going on.  In addition to providing a variety of live entertainment options for their customers, Marina Cantina will feature daily happy hour drink and appetizer specials.  Their menu, which is said to have been inspired by South American street vendors will include fare made from scratch  using fresh ingredients.   Vegetarian and kid friendly options will also be available.  You can get a taste of what they have to offer, starting April 30th, Monday through Saturday, from 11 am to 11 pm.  They will also serve brunch on Sundays, starting at 10 am.  I know where I am going to eat after church now!!

As I sat down with Jeff and listened to him talk about his new place, I could feel goose bumps inching there way up to my skins’ surface.  Here was a man that was passionate about his business, who believed in it, with every inch of his being.  Tableside gaucamole delicious.  Live entertainment every night….too cool.  But a person that is completely and wholly invested in their business with the desire to serve their community…well, that is amazing.  If the enchiladas are half as intense as Friedrich’s enthusiasm, the tables at Marina Cantina will surely be full.

I will you let know about those enchiladas after I try them and touch back in next week.  Until then, why not open up your Facebook and LIKE them or give them a call: 850 – 249- 5500.  If you are as excited as I am and want to enter your email at a chance to win tickets to the Family and Friends Pre-Grand Opening Party THIS weekend…..go to their website, to enter!

High Toxicity and Turbidity in Grand Lagoon: Remedy

With toxicity and turbidity levels higher than many feel comfortable with in Grand Lagoon, The Friends of Grand Lagoon are discussing the possibility of changing the water out about every 20 days.  How to tackle this great task you ask?  By bringing fresh gulf water into the most western portion of the lagoon at the rate of 50,000 gallons per minute.

Last night I attended a regular Friends of Grand Lagoon meeting with a guest presenter from the City of Destin.  Discussion on the table began with a study presentation of the turbidity and toxicity levels in Grand Lagoon that resulted in the Ecotoxicologist (not even in my spell check library) presenting making the statement when asked, “I would probably choose not to eat my catch from that body of water.”

Many asked if there was any indication as to how much toxicity had come from the sewage spill that resulted from a City of Panama City Beach lift station failure early this year.  The presenter had no answer but indicated that the spill could have had something to do with it.  However, he stressed the main problem was that the more deep you move into the lagoon, the less likely it is that the water there has been cycled out with new water.  Much of it is stagnant and as remarked by a waterfront resident to myself halfway through the evening, “my backyard is a cesspool.”

Well, it should come as no surprise that if we are having an issue with something in Panama City Beach, so might others be having (or had) the same issue.  The City of Destin battled this very issue in years past (like more than a decade, although I was unclear how long exactly they had been doing this), and they found the solution to be quite effective.  They had gone through some trials and a few errors, but the final result seems to work quite well, indeed.

The solution is to burry a huge pipe and run it under the road and developments, 1,000 feet into the Gulf of Mexico.  The land-side of the pipe would be hooked up to a small building that housed electronic monitoring equipment and a 150 hp electric motor that would pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water into the stagnant side of Grand Lagoon every hour.  In Destin, they mostly run the pump at night, during low peak electric time to keep the system efficient and have worked up a system over the years to produce barely any noise at all.  In fact, the presenter mentioned that they haven’t received a complaint on the noise in he-didn’t-know-how-long.

So, this is an awesome idea, but who pays for it?  Nobody knew.  Some talk about employing a grant-writer was tossed around, but then the question came up: who’s land is the facility housed on?  The City’s?  The County’s?  Some willing or perhaps absent private citizen?  It was remarked that to even talk to a grant-writer, they would need three times as much as what they have available in their checking account.  Donations anyone?

Last night was talk about an issue that needed a solution.  The solution seems apparent, but the means by which to get there is still very cloudy.  This was actually the first meeting discussed about this particular project indicating that there will be plenty more, and also indicating that at this time, the pipe project is not much more than a pipe dream.

On a side note, no formal discussion was made of the new Grand Lagoon Bridge, but it was remarked to me at some point in the evening that the ground breaking would take place before the end of the month.

Bay Point Foreclosure $70/square foot

The Beach Show is your ONLY internet TV show all about Real Estate on Panama City Beach.

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Show Notes

Deal 1 – Gulf-front Forclosure 4 Bedrooms!

  • List Price: $399,900
  • Square Feet: 2,115
  • Price/SqFt: $189.08
  • 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bath
  • Built in 2004
  • This is a huge Gulf Front 4 bedroom lock-off condo in the stylish Grand View Condominiums with remarkable panoramic views. Situated on the end, this huge condo needs only a little TLC and you’ll be good to go. Originally sold for just under $1 million, at $400k, this is a steal. All the appliances seem in tact and the bedrooms are very spacious. You’ve got to check out this condo in a perfect location.

Deal 2 – Bay Point Foreclosure for $70/square foot

  • List Price: $219,900
  • Square Feet: 3,143
  • Price/SqFt: $69.97
  • 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bath
  • Built in 1986
  • What a cool house. Definitely needs a little work, but what you have to start with here, is pretty darn cool. We’re talking an open fireplace in the center of the living room, and a fireplace in the master. There are tons of sky-lights everywhere, even in the closets and the back yard is great, although the pool has not been cared for. At $70/foot, this is a steal and won’t last long.

Deal 3 – Move-in ready home on Grand Lagoon, with a dock

  • List Price: $549,900
  • Square Feet: 2,210
  • Price/SqFt: 248.82
  • 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bath
  • Built in 1990
  • This gorgeous water-front home is move-in ready. This home looks, feels and smells new, nothing needs to be done – it is VERY apparent that this home has been very well taken care of. If you are a boater, buy this home and show up with your boat, the dock is in great shape, the boat shelter and lift are ready to go. The yard looks great, the stucco’s clean, the inside is beautiful – you have to see this home. There’s not anything else like it for sale on Grand Lagoon.

Call us at 866-994-1770 to see these properties or for anything else you need regarding real estate in Panama City Beach.

Grand Lagoon

It’s good to be back after the holidays.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Wild life is abundant in the lagoons and bayous surrounding PCB.  This photo shows a Great Egret on the prowl in the salt grass marshes close to Bay Point.  Great egrets are plentiful in Grand Lagoon, especially in the shallow flats on either side of the main boating channel.

Take it slow the next time you’re headed out to the Gulf and observe the beauty above the water.


Grand Lagoon National Suffers Changes from Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay is already reaching its sea fingers up our way to effect our newest fishing tournament on Panama City Beach. So far the effects only encompass a few delays.

In addition, Tropical Storm Fay has inspired a new Champion Award, the Miz Fay Grand Champion Award. This award will pay $10,000 to the angler who “comes closest to, or breaks by, the largest amount, the Florida State Record of any eligible tournament fish.”

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Grand Lagoon National on Panama City Beach

The newest sport fishing event on Panama City Beach, the Grand Lagoon National will debut this summer August 20 – 24.

From the website:

The Grand Lagoon National is really eight tournaments in one. Organizers are convinced that the unique format will appeal to virtually every kind of saltwater fishing enthusiast. A Big Game division, crafted to attract million dollar yachts and experienced competitors, will hunt for the elusive giant Blue Marlin, the Swordfish and the large Tuna that populate the Gulf’s summer waters. A Catch and Release category will also be provided for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish and Sailfish. An Offshore Division will fish for Wahoo, Dolphin, Red Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack. An Inshore Division, limited to boats of twenty-nine feet in length or less, will fish for Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack and King Mackerel. To appeal to devotees of the Bay, a Flats Division will feature a Spanish Mackerel, Trout and Redfish competition. For visitors to the beach, families and those who love to bottom fish, a Party Boat Division will fish for Red Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack and will host a special Junior Anglers’ contest. What is being billed as “America’s Saltwater Fishing Tournament” will even include a special Dive Division for those who like to fish below the waters of the Gulf.

Bill Spann, who founded and for twenty-three years served as Chairman of one of the nation’s most recognized fishing tournaments, the Bay Point Annual Billfish Invitational, will serve as Tournament Chairman of the new event and is convinced that it will quickly establish itself as a tournament no serious saltwater enthusiast will want to miss. “The breadth of facilities, quality of fishing and the inclusiveness of this format justify the name “Grand Lagoon National”.

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