Why this Beach Girl loves the Ocean

Everyone thinks their beaches are the best right?  Being a native of Northwest Florida’s beaches, perhaps I am a little partial, but I really do think our “Emerald Coast” is the most beautiful, magical coastline in Florida.  In fact, I grew up thinking it was magical, for it seemed every aliment I ever had, my mother’s cure was the saltwater, “get in the water Britt, it’s good for you.”  There were times I felt her zeal for the ocean was like the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” who thought Windex was the cure for everything.

It was no surprise when I started studying holistic medicine, that salt water really  was a cure all! Gargling it tempered a sore throat, soaking in it relieved muscle inflammation, and rinsing and scrubbing, especially with a little sand mixed in, exfoliated dead skin cells and cleared up minor blemishes.  Perhaps the water lapping at my toes was a wonder drug!

But more than its’ medicinal properties, the warmth of our Gulf Stream and the beauty of our Emerald Coast brings a kind of magic that can not be bottled.  For those of us that have had an argument with a loved one or felt a loss that brought us to our knees, the beach was a place of refuge.  As a teenager, I was lost, I don’t know if I was anymore lost than the rest of us, but I was lost.  I found peace when I walked on our beaches. It was a place of quiet and a place of communion.

Many of us that have grown up in this area or spent any kind of time here feel a special connection to our beaches, and as someone who moved away and came back, I realize how much I took our beaches for granted.

I hope that our residents and all of our visitors take the time to take a walk on the beach and experience her warmth first hand.  For any troubles that you might have, if even for a moment, the sea will wash them out.

Let the Sea Wash It Out 

By Britt Matthews

Every cut or bruise
No matter what the source
Be it klutz or force
Mother said, Let the sea wash it out

The salt heals wounds
Even the ones we don’t choose
And so into the waves I went
Her wisdom, I was sure, heaven sent

Let the sea wash it out
No matter what your bout
Let the sea wash it out
The salt will work it out
Let the sea wash it out

And so the sea became
Sound for her deaf and life for her lame
No wildness her medicine couldn’t tame
Voodoo magic, mother wouldn’t have it
Old wives tale, any myths she would dispel
This was the gospel
Of a women thoughtful.

Let the sea wash it out
No matter what your bout
Let the sea wash it out
The salt will surely work it out
Let the sea wash it out

I haven’t been to those waters
In a long, long time
But in my heart, I tend to rewind
Memory laps onto the shore
And I hear my mother like I did before
And my head seemed to say
Maybe it wasn’t the waves…
but her faith And grace that kept us a float.