Gulf Front 3 Bedroom for Less Than $250k

The Beach Show is part of our Real Estate category where we talk a bit about real estate in the Panama City Beach area. This post originally appeared on The Beach Show which airs a new episode of super hot real estate deals each Wednesday morning.

You know, it never ceases to amaze me the kinds of real estate deals you can find out there.  This is definitely a buyer’s market.  A buddy of mine just closed on a fantastic little beach cottage in Laguna Beach for less than $60k – bank owned, one block from the beach.  The place is already rented, he had to do nothing to it!  Instant positive cash-flow is what it’s all about.

You may be a Realtor, you may be working with a Realtor, or you may not and still be looking to buy something.  But, you’ve got to keep an eye on these girls, they’re always coming up with some great deals.  And if you have the cash and good credit to be buying right now, that’s exactly what you should be doing.