Oil Plume is 145 Miles Away from Panama City Beach

Pack your beach towels and sun screen and get down to the beach because we’ve been almost completely oil free (other than sun tan oil) for more than a month and there is no projected impact in sight.  We’ve been blessed with easterly winds which have kept the beaches of Panama City Beach of the plume projection models from NOAA.

Over the last several weeks, very sparse and scattered instances of tar balls have been reported and cleaned up along the beach.  But, these instances have been so few that most people that have come down here to vacation have had no idea that there was ever anything foreign wash ashore.  If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook page, then you know that hundreds are posting their great experiences that they have had down here while on vacation.

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OIL SPILL UPDATE: No Oil in PCB, Still Coming Ashore to the West

No Oil in Panama City Beach.

There is no oil in Panama City Beach. Pensacola is receiving oil landfall right now, and we could see some environmental impact in the coming weeks.  So far, winds have kept the oil away from our beaches, although westerly winds over the last week began moving it closer our direction.  Over the last couple days, the winds had shifted to a more easterly direction moving the oil away from us again, but those winds are expected to change back towards us by weeks end.

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