Will the Seafood Festival be Back?

This week’s TDC meeting ended unclear of the future of the Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival.  The event last year was more successful than it had ever been, but it also had $210,000 worth of funding.  There is only a prospective $60,000 on the table this year, and that’s not even certain.  With nobody having stepped up to the plate to take over running the event and limited funds, at this point, the future of the Seafood Festival is totally unknown.

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Seafood Festival Reporting 'Real' Numbers

If you’re looking for a conundrum, try figuring out how many people are in a large audience.  Thunder Beach’s numbers change all the time.  This past summer I was told by their General Manager that they have 80,000 bikes here over the weekend and have heard ranges in years past from 30,000 to 60,000.  How do they know how many people are here?  They make the numbers up, based on their best-guess estimates – it’s not real scientific.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd in Panama City Beach THIS WEEKEND

If you’ve been under a rock the last couple weeks, then the fact that Lynyrd Skynyrd will be here this weekend for the Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival is probably news to you.  Along with REO SpeedWagon, Little River Band, Lori Morgan and The Bellamy Brothers, this is sure to be the biggest Seafood festival Northwest Florida has ever seen.

Check after the break for a history, break down of the event and full weekend’s schedule.

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FREE Sterling Resorts Vacation AND Seafood Festival Tickets

Wow, this must be the week.  If you’re reading this, take the hint and plan your next trip to Panama City Beach.  😉

We just posted our latest survey, and to bait your responses, one of the prizes is a two night stay at Laketown Wharf, amongst a flury of other very cool prizes.  But, this isn’t about our survey, this is about what Sterling Resorts is doing.  It’s really awesome.

They’re giving away a two night, three day stay in a TWO bedroom condo at one of their Panama City Beach resorts.  As if that wasn’t enough, this vacation is on the Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival weekend and is accompanied by 5 three day tickets to the festival, so you can come with your whole family, enjoy the festival all weekend and go home with memories that will last a lifetime.  And, in the spirit of a late night infomercial – wait, there’s more!  Also included, the winner will get a $50 gift certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Take 3 Question Survey = $1,000 in Giveaways!!

That’s right, you read correctly, all you have to do is answer three questions (multiple choice – no wrong answers) and you have a chance to win $1,000 worth of stuff.  We are putting something big together, and we need you to tell us your favorite seafood place, burger and sandwich place and your favorite resort or condo. The survey won’t take you more than 4 minutes.

For taking the time to answer these quick questions, you’ll have a chance to win:

  • A 2 night, 2 bedroom FREE vacation at Laketown Wharf in Panama City Beach.
  • 2 seats in Mike’s cooking class at Liza’s Kitchen (gourmet food, paired with perfect wine, so delish)
  • 4 tickets to the PCB Seafood Wine and Music Fest (Lynyrd Skynyrd is playing!!!)
  • Another set of 4 tickets to the PCB Seafood Wine and Music Fest

So, what are we up to, you ask?  I can’t tell you, it’s top secret.  But, you’re gonna love it.  You can tell we are all about knowing what you think is best in Panama City Beach with these ultra sweet prizes we’re putting up for you to win for taking the survey.

There are a total of three survey questions, each one has all the options we could find for that category, listed in alphabetical order.  If you have trouble picking just one, in each category, you can pick up to three of your favs.  If some how we missed your favorite, just list it in the “other” field.

Here is how it’s going to all work.

  1. You take the survey – click here to take now.
  2. The survey ends on October 7th at noon cst.
  3. We’ll pick the winners of the prizes – there are 4 winners total
  4. The winners will be notified by end of business on October 7th.
  5. The winners will be able to pick up the Seafood Festival tickets on Friday October 8th
  6. The winners of the other prizes can pick them up at the PCBDaily offices, or we can mail them to you.

Here is some general information about the prizes.

  • Laketown Wharf – Facebook page, website, blog.
  • Liza’s Kitchen – website, Facebook page, cooking class info
    • I’ve personally attended this cooking class twice, both times it’s been nothing short of amazing.
  • Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival – websiteLynyrd Skynrd was just announced to be playing, along with REO Speedwagon and Little River Band.  This year’s lineup is the best it has ever been.


  • Each entrant can enter once and only once (we can verify this by ip AND cookies) and must use a valid first name and email address.
  • Contest begins when this post is published and ends on Thursday October 7th, 2010 at 12 noon CST.  We’ll choose the winners later that day.
  • There will be 4 winners total.
  • By entering you are opting in to receive future newsletters and emails from PCBDaily and CYber SYtes and you are opening yourself up to the greatest resource for news and information Panama City Beach has to offer.
  • If you are selected and you do not respond to our email notifying you of winning within 7 calendar days of the close of the contest, then we reserve the right to award the prize to another entrant.
  • This giveaway is open to anyone in the continental United States.  If you win, you will be solely responsible for making arrangements with CYber SYtes to redeem your prize.  Or depending on the prize, we may be willing to mail your prize to you, so long as you say please, nicely.
  • Read full rules here.

Seafood Fest May Get Another $150k from CVB

The oil spill threat this summer took it’s toll on the opportunity for us to have a slammin’, jammin’ summer, but it wasn’t all bad.  Our image was certainly tarnished, our tourism numbers were down a bit, but on the plus side, the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau received $2 million from BP to be used for marketing the beaches of Panama City Beach.  This influx of marketing money has saved our CVB $750,000 from their regular marketing budget this year so far and has freed up some cash to use in other arenas.

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5 Cooler Weather Fall Festivals to Look Forward To

The kids aren’t back in school yet, seasonal events are still happening all across town – but summer is slowly drawing to a close, although you wouldn’t know it from the still blistering temperatures outside! This is the time of year when we start looking forward to cooler weather and all the great things that come with fall in Panama City Beach. Autumn festivals have always been one of the best reasons to visit and celebrate our destination once the summer season is over, and this year will be no different. Here are 5 of the top fall festivals we can look forward to in the upcoming months. Continue reading “5 Cooler Weather Fall Festivals to Look Forward To”

Jack Bishop asks TDC; "We Need More Help with the Seafood, Wine & Music Fest

Tuesday’s combined TDC/CVB meeting at City Hall covered topics such as the impact of extra sporting events and sports marketing on Panama City Beach, (numbers are up and new events keep coming!) approval and discussion of various financial items, an update on the Panama City Beach vegetation project (very well executed so far, almost 60% complete with lots of new sea oats and vegetation planted), and, most importantly, the Seafood Wine & Music Festival for 2010.

Jack Bishop, local restaurant owner and former member of the Bay County Tourist Development Council is one of the festival organizers, and took to the microphone at the meeting to put his thoughts and ideas to the board. Mr Bishop talked about how far the festival has come since it’s roots and how he sees further growth and improvement in the future. “The Seafood, Wine & Music Festival has gone a long way towards restoring the image of Panama City Beach.” Bishop stated. “We need something like this, something for people to do in addition to 4th July, especially now we are appealing to an upper level demographic with the arrival of the new airport.”
Mr Bishop continued to say; “We need to make some short term decisions, and some long term decisions. In the short term, let’s think about 2010. We need to address the issues of security, garbage and sanitation, and production, all of which we need to step up, and will need extra resources for. We need extra promotion and sponsorship, extra marketing, and extra financing.” Mr Bishop then asked for an additional $50,000 on top of the current $60,000 the board has already committed in order to execute these changes. “We know exactly where we are now with the Seafood, Wine & Music Festival, and I have learned many lessons along the way. If I am to take on this extra responsibility, then I am going to need more help.”

HUGE SUCCESS – Panama City Beach Seafood Festival

The Panama City Beach Seafood Wine and Music Festival dominated the weekend with thousands in attendance that enjoyed rockin music, awesome food and an atmosphere that was not only well organized, but also a blast.  The promoters’ hard work and dedication definitely shined as beaming people all weekend told us how much better it seemed this year compared to years past.

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