Dune Buggy Park is OPEN

We first told you about the dune buggy adventure park coming about a year ago. We followed up a couple weeks ago to find that it was opening last Friday. Well, now it’s open – at least the dune buggy part. The rest opens in phases over the next 8 weeks.

So I’m sure you’re dying to know all about my driving adventure, right?

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New Dune Buggy Adventure Park to Open This Week [PICS]

Remember last summer when we were talking about a really cool new attraction in Panama City Beach, Panama Dunes?  We were marveling the novelty of having a Dune Buggy track that was accompanied by other adventuresome attractions.  Well, they’re opening this week.

Originally they had planned on opening last summer, then it got moved to Labor Day, then put off until this week.  The setbacks were related to a variety of things that come up when building something that’s never been done before, and the winter hiatus was to ensure a strong start with the 2011 tourism season.  But, with the winter months put aside for planning, the owners decided to launch their grand opening with a huge BANG with much more to offer then they had originally planned.

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