Make PCBDaily Your Home Page

I have a question for you:  what page opens up automatically when you open a new Internet window?  Does your browser open up this as your starter page because you set it, or because that’s the way it came?

Well, if you want PCBDaily to be the first page you see when you open up your browser window, I made a quick video on how to do it!

Win a FREE Annual Pass to Miracle Strip in Pier Park

We’re halfway through the summer season in Panama City Beach, but we still have months of warm weather and plenty of time to enjoy Miracle Strip @ Pier Park.

You may remember a few months back, when Teddy and Jenny Meeks finally brought their vision to fruition by opening the much appraised and anticipated Miracle Strip @ Pier Park.  It all started with the original Carousel they purchased, restored and opened in Pier Park early 2009.  People came from all around to relive childhood memories of their carousel adventures of yesteryear.

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8 Reasons You'll LOVE Reading the NEW PCBDaily

Many of you have noticed that Monday morning you came to an all new!  A change has been a long time coming and in the works, so we bit the bullet, stayed up late and hammered it out.  Web site design trends change often and we try hard to stay on top of it by keeping the look fresh and being sure the content is where it is supposed to be – in front of you and easy to find.

Hit the read more link for a break down of the changes we made and the new features of the NEW

As always, we love talking about news and information as it relates to Panama City Beach.

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Jason Koertge, PcbDaily Featured in 850 Magazine

None other than your’s truly was featured in the summer edition of one of the area’s newest and hottest business magazines, 850.  Dubbed “The Business Magazine of Northwest Florida,” I like to call 850 the Fortune for the Panhandle and is published by Rowland Publishing, who also publishes Emerald Coast Magazine and Bay Life Magazine.  With feature articles that are applicable to me as a small business owner, it has always been a good read.

Pick yourself up a copy, and turn to page 71.  The photographer had me doing all kinds of fun stuff, and the picture they ran with is of me sitting on a street corner, seemingly meditating in Sage pose, balancing my video camera and DSLR.  The photograph has me looking more narrow than I think I look naturally – but it was fun none-the-less.

One part blog, one part news Web site and one part community forum, is a hybrid on the cutting edge of the online new medium,” it begins.  Talking about pcbdaily, what I’ve done to create it, how it’s grown and where it’s going, the article is flattering and seems to elevate me in a way perhaps I’m too modest to do myself.  Thanks Rowland!

850 comes out quarterly right now, with the goal of being a monthly in the next 12 months and features articles about little people like me and big people like Bud Finlaw, owner of and covers a range of business topics.  So, head on over to and subscribe.

PCBDaily has moved!

_mg_9861Well, I’ve moved, to be precise.  If you have been wondering “hey, what’s that Jason character been up to, pcbdaily has seemed sparse lately.”  Then your wondering is definately justified.

We had our baby begining of December, then family came in town, then Christmas, then New Years, then we moved New Year’s weekend (that’s why the Pier Park vid won’t be up until tonight), leaving me almost totally incapacitated and barely able to keep up with the bare minimums on everything.

img_9766Nevertheless, we are moved, settled in and the whole event has borne me an office of my own. No more sharing a room with the kid’s play area and Spongebob square pants.  The new diggs will afford me a whole new level of productivity.

We have much planned for 2009 on pcbdaily, and for Panama City Beach, this is a whole new year.  With elements in place that we’ve never, as a community, had before, this year will be paramount.

Thanks for reading!

PCBDaily Twitter Weekly Updates for 9/9/2008

Follow pcbdaily on twitter to get live updates on what we’re up to.  Look below to see some of the latest tweets and check the subscribe page to learn more about twitter.

  • Motion to addopt strategy plan made, passed and held. Approved. Check pcbdaily later for a digital copy of the plan #
  • Dan rowe wants to start an “adopt the beach” program to help protect our natural resources #
  • Dan rowe and jack bishop want to build more permanent festival infrastructue #
  • 40 percent of all tourist revenue comes in june and july #
  • Dan rowe starting strategig plan presentation #
  • New marketing committee includes bryan durta, felecia cook fro pier park. Rest to post later #
  • At tdc meeting. Marketing committee update by buddy wilkes now. #