Appreciating Florida more each winter

This is the time of year I really miss Panama City Beach. I know my fellow out-of-state property owners can sympathize with me as they are probably going through the same arctic blast, as I am this week. I’ve included a photo to represent the icy grip winter’s merciless fingers has on us here in the Midwest.

Sheets of ice

I was born and raised in California. One would think that living in Southwest Missouri for 34 years would have afforded me some sort of assimilation with the climate here. In all actuality for this Cali girl, my body and mind become more and more resistant of the winter season with each passing year. I mourn the passing of summer, while autumn prepares us for chilly things to come. And I now realize how I took the Bay Area’s gentle climate for granted.

Once my husband and I “discovered” Florida, it was like some part of my inner beach girl was reawakened. So now that we own property in PCB, every one of our visits there are precious to me. I’m a fish out-of-water here, and I may never acclimatize to SW Missouri.

Yes, Florida has its weather-related faults, as does the rest of the country. So for my own sanity, I do a comparison. Florida suffers draught, hurricanes, tornados and fires.

California has its draughts as well. That golden state also endures fires, floods, the San Andreas winds, snowstorms in the higher elevations, and to top it off, earthquakes. Getting the picture?

Let’s talk about my four-state area now. We woke up this morning to a blanket of ice over an inch thick, and this is just the beginning of what the meteorologists predict. We expect at least another inch in our part of Missouri, along with some snow. Since we nearly border NW Arkansas, we get to experience not only snow, but also ice storms that cripple our roadways, halt school attendance and shut down businesses. What normally takes my husband 35 minutes to drive home from work, took him three hours. A very prayerful three hours. Oh yeah, we get wildfires too. We are not exempt from earthquakes either, thanks to the New Madrid fault. We are in “tornado alley,” and often, springtime floods have devastated Missouri’s crops.

I may be living in Missouri, but I left my heart in Florida. I just wanted to encourage any of you on the Emerald Coast to keep your chin up when your temps dip below 45 degrees. And I know, at least financially, the toll a hurricane can take on a property owner’s morale. But if the fortunate Florida residents can step outside their “sand-box” for a moment and appreciate what a glorious state you live in, you’d understand why I miss it so much.

The ice is building on our power lines, threatening us with a possible outage and forcing us to stay in a hotel. The tropical plants in my sunroom will have to tough it out. The lows tonight will get to about 10 degrees, but there is hope. We may warm up to a balmy 35 degrees by Friday! My heart goes out to the residents in the states north of us. You may love it there, but you couldn’t pay this water baby to tolerate the winters you experience. So God bless ya!

I’m SO looking forward to our next sunny visit to the beach. It’s no wonder so many choose to migrate down to this beautiful area of the country. I know our guests from the north that come to enjoy our property feel the same way. The Emerald Coast of Florida is so appealing thanks to its powdery white sand, welcoming climate, and miles of gorgeous coastline. Florida – I miss you!

Clear Blue

clear blue

Locals know this to be a fact, but many outsiders have a hard time believing the sand on our beaches is really this white.  This is an untouched photo of a sand dune on Shell Island.  The contrast of the blue sky, deep blue gulf and the sugar white sand creates a strong image.  The sand here is so pure and clean that it actually squeaks when you walk on it.  Visit Shell and Crooked Islands when in PCB to see the “untouched” side of our beaches.

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