Tracy Stum to Paint the Streets of Pier Park

This weekend, at the Madonnaro Street Painting Festival in Pier Park will feature returning artist Tracy Stum.  Tracy painted the portrait of the Dalai Lama that when looked at from a specific angle, it appears as though he is actually sitting next to Tracy.

You guys should all come out to Pier Park this weekend to see all the awesome art. Tracy will begin her painting, along with Jeanie Burns, on Friday, and everyone else begins painting on Saturday at 9 am.

Here is some of her other work.

Painting Streets of Pier Park

For the first time, Madonnaro 2008, Emerald Coast’s Street Painting Festival will be held at Pier Park on Panama City Beach.  Painting will be November 14 – 16 and is sponsored by the Visual Arts Center of Panama City.

Street painting has been popular all throughout Europe since the 16th century.  Street painters in Italy were known as madonnari because they often created pictures representing The Madonna, one of the central icons of Christianity.

Madonnari were nomad artists who traveled from town to town, festivity to festivity to cover the streets with their art.  Historically, using bits of broken roof tiles, charcoal and chalk, the artists would paint images, sometimes larger than life that would wash away at the first rain.  When the festivities were over, the artists and paintings would vanish.

Today, “street-artists” use varying shades of chalk to depict their creations and several forms of media, including digital photography, video and blogs to share their work with the world.

Be sure to support this unique form of art at Pier Park in this weekend.