Toll From Montgomery to Panama City to be public road

In the Moulton Advertiser it was reported that the toll road to travel between Montgomery and Panama City may revert to public ownership once the toll fees pay off the cost to construct. The road would be constructed and operated by a non-profit organization.

As reported, Luthor Strange, a Birmingham lawyer is pushing the project in hopes of seeing it come to fruition. He represents Focus 2000 of the Wiregrass, an organization that is made up of potential investors and local officials and businessmen in SE Alabama.

Strange beleives that there is a way to construct the highway by using public and private resources, although there is no federal or state funding available for this project.

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Possible Toll Road Planned from Dothan to Panama City Airport

A Chipley online news publication,, reported of a possible toll road traveling from Dothan, Alabama through Washington County and down to the new airport. The road will eventually connect to Montgomery, Alabama.

This project is under discussion and will be addressed at a public meeting at the Washington County Annex as proposed by a group called Focus Thursday May 15th at 9am. With initial discussions being held in April, no official route was discussed nor commitment timelines.

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