MMA Fight Night In PCB

MMA is more then two people getting into a cage (or ring, whatever) and wailing on each other.

There’s a story that each fight tells, ranging from the type of training the fighter has endured, to the gym they’ve trained at, and when all of it comes together, the fight becomes similar to a live chess game of sorts.  Each move is calculated, executed and countered with rapid mental consideration and lighting reflexes.

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Silent Auction Benefitting Relay for Life

040609_relayforlifeThis Friday, April 10th at 6pm, there will be a silent auction to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the Martini Bar at Uncle Ernie’s BayFront Grill and Brew House.  Attendees will be expected to keep their lips zipped as the auction is of the silent variety.

Auction-goers will be able to enjoy food, drinks and not-so-quiet music.  Stuff on the auction block includes items from Serenity Spa, Los Antijitos (I love that place), Signal Hill Golf Club, The Wine Dog (I don’t drink, but our good friend Burnie Thompson swears by this place), Jubilee Deep Sea Fishing Charters, and many more with items like 2 tickets on the Betsy Ann Riverboat, 2-person fishing expedition, massage gift basket with gift certificate to the spa, gift certificates from Andy’s Flour Power, Los Antijitos, Flamingo Joes, Liza’s Kitchen and more.

There is no cost for admission and all proceeds from the auction go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Lori Hale at 850 774 2624 – and be sure to tell them you read about it on!