Airport Awaits 404 Permit, Airport in the Orlando Sentinel

Apparently there has been some sort of “unauthorized activity” at the new airport site that the Army Corps of Engineers have to look into. The unauthorized activity could include heavy vehicle traffic, and the Corps need to see if there has been any alterations to the land.

Another issue is stemmed from a letter from the NRDC, a New York based environmental group that apparently knows what is best for our area and it’s natural resources. Their concern is the area’s native cypress trees.

There is no set time frame as to when the permit will be issued, although Airport Executive Director Randy Curtis has expressed no real concern and expects the permit to come through soon.

On June 25, 2007, an article was ran in the Orlando Sentinel written by Fred Werner, a pilot from Panama City and President of Friends of PFN. The article has been described by the Beach Chamber of Commerce as wildly inaccurate and touts several non-substantiated “facts”.

2 thoughts on “Airport Awaits 404 Permit, Airport in the Orlando Sentinel

  1. “Build it. They will come”! Really? I live in and have invested in PCB real estate. I am seeing real estate prices going back to near 1999 prices. With the local, state, national and world economies “still” contracting, why would one think the new airport is going to suddenly bring prosperity to PCB and Bay Co? Grant it, proximity will help PCB a little but what will be the catalyst to any significant change. Are not the Airlines also contracting and cancelling flights and even destinations? Good news would be nice.


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