Panama City Bay County Airport Relocation in the News

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that the Atlanta Journal Constitution covered a story on the Panama City Bay County Airport relocation. With Atlanta being the largest feeder market for our area, a new airport means the possibility of cheaper fairs and more frequent flights to the beached commonly termed “Atlanta’s Beaches”. (read more)

Realtors, what’s the buzz out there? The 404 permit was announced to have been received on Thursday the 16th of this month and a buddy of mine got a call the very next day from someone that he had been working with in the past that said he heard about the final permit for the airport being issued and is ready to make a move towards purchasing here. I’ve heard at least one other story like this, has anyone else had similar experiences?

Some of the rumors that I’m hearing is that FedEx will be using the new Bay County Airport as a shipping hub and that between that, the staffing at the Bay County Airport and Pier Park, our area will have over 8,000 new jobs. I’ve also heard rumors that Southwest is indeed coming this way and that they are in negotiations with AirTran and JetBlue, to other low cost carriers.

One thought on “Panama City Bay County Airport Relocation in the News

  1. Based on what I read in this mornings NEWS HERALD, the airport mgm’t isn’t sure that we need a NEW/EXPANDED name for the airport. If they are not clear that it should be called the “EMERALD COAST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT”, then what else do we need to be concerned about !!! We need a NEW and BROADER way of THINKING ABOUT OUR FUTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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