Bay Tax Foundation – Trim Buring Event

Many of the Trim notices that went out last month from the Bay County Property Appraiser’s Office were received with much contention. With some experiencing tax increases of 400% or more, many are on the lookout to try and get this portion of home-owner’s cost reduced. In addition to the Bay County Commission attempting to get the assessment process overhauled and rejecting the latest Tax Roll, Bay Tax Foundation (or Bay Taxpayers, Inc.) has been successful in influencing a roll back in millage rates and is currently campaigning to cap taxes and spending by the local county municipalities.

Bay Taxpayers, Inc. Mission Statement:

“Bay Taxpayers was formed in the Fall of 2006 as an advocate for the property owners of Bay County, FL. We were established to be an advocate for the taxpayers of our community to strive for equity in taxation and to demand accountability from local governmental authorities. Bay Tax Foundation was formed as a non-profit to provide research and educational services for local taxpayers and to serve as a clearing house for tax related research. We will work to assist local governments formulate sound fiscal policies and foster prudence in expenditures.

Bay Taxpayers will be a watchdog for property owners to prevent the onerous growth of governmental services and burdensome taxes. We will serve as a unified, organized voice of the taxpayers to seek relief from unconscionable tax increases and to advocate for reduced spending at all levels of government.”

To learn more, visit

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