Airport Relocation Lawsuits, TRIM Dispute Deadline Extended

Two lawsuits are expected to surface against the airport relocation:

  • The National Resources Defense Council – challenges the legitimacy of the FAA’s decision to approve the airport given the potential impact on the West Bay Area, does not acknowledge the approximately 10,000 acres of dedicated bayfront conservation land.
  • Several groups, including the Clean Water Network of Florida – challenging the legitimacy of the issuance of the 404 Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. There is not a suit yet, but one is expected in the coming months.

There is no time limitation as to when the lawsuits need to be filed, but the relocation progress will continue. If one of the groups wins, the relocation will be stopped, but as time moves on, stopping the relocation will become more difficult.

The latest I’ve heard about the groundbreaking was sometime in October, no definite dates yet.

For more information on the airport relocation, visit

Some recent topics include:

  • Tannhill Rebuts Palm Beach Post – Dear Editor: The Palm Beach Post editorial board has ably demonstrated it knows nothing about the relocation of the Panama City airport. It attacked the project, claiming it would damage a body of water called “South Bay.” There is no South Bay near Panama City. If the Post were truly interested in understanding the essential need for relocating the airport, it could have contacted the local Airport Authority to ask a few questions. Instead, the Post regurgitated inaccurate talking points compiled by a discredited opponent of the project. . . (more)
  • About the non-binding public referendum voting against the Airport Relocation – Relocation opponents and out-of-town editorial writers like to continually bring up the 2004 non-binding referendum on airport relocation. Never mind that only about 20,000 Bay County voters bothered to show up to vote. Never mind the referendum was held in conjunction with the Democratic Presidential primary. . . (more)

Trim Dispute Extension

The Bay County Commission first motioned to try and extend the deadline 14 days, even thought they were uncertain whether they had the authority to do so. Yesterday, however, it was approved to extend it 21 days by the Department of Revenue with he support of Senator Don Gaetz.

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