Panama City Beach TDC Meeting Notes from Tuesday's Meeting

Notes from the November 27, 2007 Combined Board Meeting of the Bay County TDC and the PCB CVB

Eight of the nine board members were present with Buddy Wilkes absent.

The board voted unanimously to approve the 9/30/07 financial statements.

2008 Spring Break Program Update:  President Dan Rowe advised the board that commitments totaling $84,500 have been received from co-op participants.  No lottery was required as the available packages exceeded those requested by local businesses.  He also explained that additional co-op opportunities remain available, but that the CVB would not be actively marketing them.  However, he encouraged the current participants and the Marketing Committee to seek additional participants.  Rowe also reported that the agreement with MTV had not yet been signed, but that he expected it to be soon.

Sea Turtle Draft Lighting Ordinance Update:  The President reported that the community workshop would probably take place during the 3rd week of December.  [Subsequent to the meeting, the TDC announced that the community workshop has been scheduled for December 19th, 2007 at 9:00 AM at the PCB City Hall.]  Rowe also reported that staff would be meeting with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department to gauge their response to the draft ordinance.

FSU Flying High Circus Update:  Rowe advised that everything was proceeding well with the circus scheduled for next summer.  He also reported that a press conference was scheduled for December 5th concerning the event.

Indian Summer Festival Update:  The President reported that staff had terminated the contract with Sound Associates as directed by the board.  He also explained that he planned on discussing the 2008 festival with the Marketing Committee at their next meeting.

December Marketing Committee Meeting:  President Rowe advised that the December Marketing Committee meeting has been rescheduled for December 12th at 9:00 AM.

Sports Marketing Activities Update:  Director of Sports Marketing Richard Sanders made an extensive report to the board concerning his department’s current activities.  He reported that future bookings are very strong, but advised that the board should be mindful about competing destinations that are engaging in expansion plans that may be attractive to event organizers.  He also advised that planning for the facility expansion feasibility study was proceeding on schedule.  He expected the study to commence after the holidays and that the report can be expected about 90 days after commencement.  Chairman Phillips reported that Director Sanders will be inducted into the National Softball Association Hall of Fame at their 2008 annual meeting.

Strategic Plan Framework:  The President reported that he is planning a board workshop during late January 2008.  The purpose will be to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan for the CVB.  He also advised that he expected to hire an outside facilitator to assist with the workshop.

CVB/TDC Media Policy:  Rowe advised that he as in the process of developing a draft Media Policy in conjunction with the CVB’s agency, Y Partnership.  The purpose of the policy will be to formally answer the question of how the CVB/TDC should speak as a body to the media.

President Rowe also reported that he would be meeting with Y Partnership on November 29th at their Orlando offices.  He planned to meet with both their public relations department and their advertising department to better understand their work on the CVB’s account.

Rowe also reported that the search process for the current staff vacancies would begin within the next couple of weeks.

Meeting notes courtesy of Bryan J Durta. Thanks Bryan.

3 thoughts on “Panama City Beach TDC Meeting Notes from Tuesday's Meeting

  1. Rowe, as a newcomer to PCB, has a lot to learn. Drilling off the Florida Gulf coast is a must. We must become less dependent on foreign oil and drilling/pumping Florida, California and the interior will achieve this. Rowe says “it may not be in our best interest”. Well “interest” or not, it’s time to drill. During Katrina, more than 300 oil platforms were damaged and NOT ONE drop of oil was released. This is not the 1970’s…..get over it TDC and support drilling in the Eastern Gulf.


  2. What do you mean “NOT ONE drop of oil was released”? That’s completely false. 8 MILLION gallons of oil were leaked – that’s the largest spill in the US since the Valdez spilled 11 million gallons. Anyway, I notice you chose to live in an area where we don’t drill for oil… Nice, isn’t it?


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