Panama City Beach TDC Meeting Notes

Notes from the CVB Marketing Committee Meeting December 12, 2007

Eight of the 11 members were present.  Absent were Philip Griffitts, Jr., Russ Smith, and Paul Wohlford

Indian Summer Festival:  President Dan Rowe advised the committee that the contract for the 2008 festival was cancelled as directed by the board.  Rowe also reported that no response to the cancellation was received from Sound Associates.  Committee Chairman Buddy Wilkes expressed disappointment that there had been no dialogue with the promoter since it was the committee’s intention to try to renegotiate the contract, not terminate relations with Sound Associates.  A discussion about what to do for 2008 took place.  Some members expressed concern about actual level of increased tourism from the event, while others feel that the event is important to the industry and should be continued.  Rowe suggested that a subcommittee be formed to present a proposal at the next Marketing Committee meeting.  A motion encompassing the President’s suggestion was made by Jack Bishop which passed 8-0.  The Chairman then appointed three members to serve:  Kirk Lancaster(chair), Joe Kennedy, and Jack Bishop.  All three appointees had expressed an interest in continuing the event for 2008.

2008 Spring Break Co-Op:  The President reported that the co-op raised 84,500 and that opportunities were available for additional participants. Rowe also reported that the MTV contract was executed the prior week, but that the village location was yet to be finalized.  The television spots have already started to run and MTV has agreed to geo-target the banner advertising to areas east of the Mississippi River.  The President also
reported that Splashfest has been cancelled.  However, the East Bay Baptist Church spoke with him about the possibility of obtaining the previously approved Splashfest funding for an April 2008 concert.  Rowe has requested that the promoter comply with the CVB special event policy concerning their request.  Lancaster also advised the committee that he has organized group of 50 volunteer students who will be here picking up beach trash during college spring break.  Lancaster is working with Breakaway of Atlanta on the program that will involve two or three colleges.

2008 Co-Op Ad Fair:  Susie Bolton from Y Partnership reported that the agency was holding an ad fair that afternoon to present the co-op opportunities available to the industry.  The agency will allow partners to
sign-up for next week.  Concern was expressed by some members that this might not be enough time due to what they perceived to be insufficient notice and the holiday season.  The Chairman suggested to the President that a 2nd Ad Fair be held if possible to deal with these issues.  Although not in the agenda, a discussion about the winter visitor market segment also took place.  Jack Bishop expressed his disappointment about the agency’s winter marketing program.  Bishop explained that he believes that both the timing of the marketing effort and the locations targeted need improvement. Bill Spann stated his belief that this segment is one of our biggest growth opportunities.

TDC/CVB Strategic Planning Process:  President Rowe appraised the committee about the upcoming Strategic Planning Process that will begin in January. The purpose is to develop a three to five year plan for the TDC/CVB.  Rowe also reported that Peter Yesawich of Y Partnership will be speaking about the state of the travel industry the night before the first meeting.

President’s Report:  Rowe also reported that he expected to develop additional internet resources to provide TDC/CVB information to the community and industry partners.  He also plans to meet with Miles Media in January to discuss opportunities for the CVB to improve the destination’s internet marketing.  The President also reminded the committee about the upcoming workshop on the turtle lighting ordinance scheduled for 9AM on December 19th.  He believes the committee needs to be involved due to a requirement by US Fish & Wildlife that eco-tourism be included in our marketing mix.

Once again, thanks Bryan Durta for providing the meeting notes for Wednesday’s TDC meeting.

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