Front Beach Road CRA Update

The Front Beach Road CRA, or Community Redevelopment Area is moving ahead and on schedule. The current projects underway are the Churchwell Road rebuild and the widening of Beckrich Road.

The Churchwell Road improvements included rebuilding of the bridge, widening the road and adding 127 public parking spaces on the north side of Front Beach Road to provide parking for the public beach access point. Construction began in April 2007 and is on schedule to be completed early spring this year with the ribbon cutting to be sometime in March.

The Beckrich Road CRA began construction in September and is on schedule to be completed Summer 2009. The are currently working on installing the underground water lines and building storm-water retention pools and sewer lines.

More information can be found at In the top left of the page, there is a link to “10 Q & A about the CRA”. There is a lot of good info here, I suggest reading if you have questions about the CRA.

Other posts on the CRA on pcbdaily can be found here.

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