Someone tampered with the Airport Poll

It’s funny how the opposition is, and how unethical they can be. Last week I started a poll to see what the public thought about the airport relocation and had an overwhelming positive response (96% for, 3% against, 1% didn’t care). Then, today when I logged on, amazingly the opposition was up to almost 50%.

The funny thing is is that the opposition must not realize that my blog logs your ip address when you visit the site, furthermore, so does the poll, so it isn’t too difficult to figure out what happened. I just think it is funny that someone was childish enough to click NO 163 times.

I think this strongly speaks to the character of those opposing the airport and truly justifies this statement directed to those opposing the airport relocation:

You are a bunch of clowns.

Don’t mess with my polls, I’m not stupid and neither are the readers of pcbdaily.

14 thoughts on “Someone tampered with the Airport Poll

  1. Well done on catching the poll fakers!

    It is shameful what these anti airport enthusiasts have attempted over the past several years.

    All the Negative publicity they have attempted to publish, the wasting of tax payer dollars for their own selfish fulfillment, the lack of consideration and foresight for local business and community economic growth.

    I found it most interesting that the day of the ground-breaking ceremony there was but a lone protestor with but a single sign. Where were all the anti-airport supporters then?

    Were they afraid to support their fellow protestors for fear of recognition by their neighbors and fellow business associates? Shame on the so called ‘Friends of PFN’ for hiding themselves, from the pharmicists to the pilots.

    It’s time for them to either accept the growth that our area residents are welcoming or move on to other areas where their neighbors are a close minded as they.

    This is another great day for Panama City and Bay County and despite their efforts, we as a community stand on the verge of exciting and prosperous times.

    With the new airport our communities prosperity and economy are positioned to bring our area into the new century as a leading economic and environemental model for the rest of the country!


  2. And they were the ones pointing fingers about allegedly not following proper procedures. Shame on them for committing voter fraud!


  3. Kudos and Dittos….
    Shame on those few men that would seek to delay the growth here for their own selfish wants!!!!


  4. It seems quite presumptious to accuse those opposed to the airport of having done this. Granted they would seem to be the primary beneficiary of such a bone-headed stunt but then there are plenty of other non-aligned crazies out there too often with nothing better to do than engage in vandalism; whether electronic or in actual physical damage. If it was the opposition wouldn’t they have been more clever? As you suggest, wouldn’t they have gotten alot of different people to sign on from different addresses? You should be reluctant to accuse without any evidence whatsoever…….

    and by the way I am for the new airport not against it. Just think your vitriolic accusation is over the top.


  5. Jason,
    I want you to know that I appreciate your reporting and the photos.
    The opposition are not clowns, that is demeaning to those who are real clowns. They are scum. They are desparate individuals with a low opinion of themselves (therefore a low opinion of anything else)and will do whatever they feel is necessary to disrupt anything good.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Jess Eberhart


  6. Obviously some presumption is taken here, and obviously I am generalizing, and of course not all in the opposition are all bad. This was more directed at the guy that sat there and clicked NO 163 times.

    And, I meant no offense to the real clowns. 🙂


  7. Great job Jason!

    I still cannot believe anyone would not want the airport relocated. I am from Kentucky. Hundreds of us visit your area many times throughout the year. I only dream of the time I can come down without spending 10-12 hours in a car! With the airport situation being what it is right now, even if we do fly, it takes forever because we have to go through Atlanta, or into Pensacola. That takes so long and is so ridiculously expensive we may as well drive! Everytime I make flight arrangements with Southwest to fly anywhere in the country I have asked them “when are you going to get flights into the Panhandle”. Their response is overwhelmingly that they are literally asked that question by many many people!

    Can’t wait to jump on the big brown sky bus to the beach!

    Thanks for keeping everyone updated!


  8. The clowns are not only the opposed to the airport but everything that move bay county foreword. They were apposed to moving the bridge, opposed to routing traffic via hwy 20 in the 90’s they are apposed to spring break, bike week … they are only a few but anything that prospers some one else they are apposed. I just wished every issue could be track by an ip address. It is a real shame (disfunctional) our county is driving by a few clowns.


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