RedBrick Pizza – review, it was awesome!

My family and I had the opportunity to dine at RedBrick Pizza last week and had a great experience.  Eating there brought back childhood memories of eating pizza with my parents and brother at a local pizza joint in Dallas.  I remember the good times and the pizza always being awesome.

Inside RedBrick, the environment was cozy.  All the tables on the outside wall had their own little tv’s hooked up to Dish Network and a wall control that would change the channel.   This is awesome for families with little kids because you can put on cartoons and keep them from wanting to run all over the place.

We got a medium cheese (for the kids), and a large, half veggy half supreme (they call it the Gourmet Works).  It seemed like it took a while to come up, but they were busy, and heck, they were making the pizza from scratch.

On the website, they state that they “only Qualita Superior Italian cheeses, premium gourmet ingredients, and hand rolled dough made fresh daily with heart healthy olive oil. . . Our RedBrick oven sears your pizza at more than 1,000 degrees. . . directly on our “RedBrick” stone. The result is a delicate golden crust, delicious thin crisp center imbued with fascinating flavors that is healthier and better for you.”

This was the best pizza I have had since a supreme pizza from Marcos (a local pizza joint) a year ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the $5 hot-n-ready Little Caesars pizzas, but the pizza from RedBrick was fantastic.  We didn’t order enough, everyone wanted more.  When I was done, I was eating the scraps off my kids’ plates.  My youngest son, who you practically have to force feed kept asking for more.  The flavor was rich and the crust was perfect.  I usually don’t eat the crust, but with this pizza, I couldn’t get enough.

I highly recommend RedBrick Pizza, you need to go enjoy this pizza with your friends and family.

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