New Airport Designs released

as from the newsherald

As reported by the News Herald.

HNTB Architecture, the firm that has taken over the design of the new airport facilities presented the new design ideas to the Airport Authority Thursday.

HNTB meets with the Airport Authority Board monthly and have been challenged to get the overall cost of the $30 million terminal down and make it more environmentally friendly.

One of the ways they are cutting costs is by using “stip-type” windows instead of full wall windows.  This will still allow great views from the terminal, but the wall structure will not be all glass.  They also plan on planting trees indigenous to Florida around the terminal building.

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8 thoughts on “New Airport Designs released

  1. I am and have been a supporter of the new airport. But I must say, the renditioning is very disappointing. It looks like a garden hot house with a metal barn roof.


  2. Agreed. The design should have a wow factor. Unique. When people come from all over the world to visit the area they should be amazed from the start. Even if it means spending a few million more.


  3. I agree with Dennis & Nigel. As we move forward, the airport will remain a focal point for our development of new markets. It must stand out as a showcase for us. This looks like a bird sanctuary or hot house. Let’s spend the money up front and design a 21st. century modern airport.


  4. I agree, the renderings I’ve seen do not have a wow factor. However, when I looked at HNTB’s website and saw some of the other airports they have done, I have more confidence that ours will look good.


  5. After more that 3 Million miles of flying and seeing many Airports around the world-I must say PCB is going to be the worst of the worst. Very ugly some on guys


  6. I must say that when I first saw it, it looked like a flea market to me. Maybe on our way home from that long trip, can pick up so old LPs or maybe some fresh fruit. We are going to have pilots landing on 15th street near Sherman Ave, mistaking that area for the airport. Hopefully someone important will stand in because we all know our opinion (popular vote) doesn’t matter.


  7. The submitted airport terminal building is very, very
    unsightly. If I did not know and had just seen the picture, I could not have guessed that it will be the
    airport terminal.

    It does look more like a storage shed or a very fancy
    barn building.

    The first thing that the arriving passengers will see,
    will be the terminal. That is a poor first impression
    of Panama City.

    Hopefully the airport committee people will make a
    proper decision and tell HNTB people that we will
    not accept a glorified barn design.


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