Local election information – Panama City Beach Mayor

Early voting starts Monday with polls to open April 22, 2008.

Panama City Beach Candidates:

Council Ward 2

  • John Buerke
  • “Coach” Steve Chamblee
  • Rick Russell
  • Donald Williams

Council Ward 4

  • Keith Curry
  • Ken Nelson


  • Ed Benjamin
  • Gayle Oberst

Callaway Candidates include:

Commissioner Ward 3

  • Stephen Jordan
  • John Malone
  • George Smith

Commissioner Ward 4

  • Mike Jones
  • Mary Kelley


  • Kenneth Meer
  • Danny Sparks

Cedar Grove Candidates include:

Commissioner Seat 3

  • Tony Brannen
  • Gary Posey

Commissioner Seat 4

  • Mary Gardner
  • Charlotte Parrish

Mixico Beach Council Group 4

  • Connie Risinger
  • Gary Woodham

More information on each candidate can be found at NewsHerald.co

4 thoughts on “Local election information – Panama City Beach Mayor

  1. After reading the candidates comments, all I can say is that vVoter apathy is a sad and dangerous thing. A community that does not treasure its voting privileges is highly venerable to serious problems. We would be delighted to have a vote in the governance of PCB. We have a vacation home that we cannot use two months of the year due to “kids spring break” and the lawless behavior it brings. This is not a campaign issue?!?!? That is really sad.

    It looks like the locals are content with the Redneck Rivera image and have decided to sleep through the growth of their community rather than be proactive in building a city they can be proud of. PCB will someday have a tourism industry that will be the envy of the state of Florida. The question is how long will it take and more importantly how many visitors and locals will assaulted or die due to voter apathy and candidate saying and agreeing that there are “bigger issue”. As the saying goes . . “There’s your trouble!” If the leadership candidates don’t think their job is important to voters, and they are incapable or articulating the issues of their job in a way that it inspires voters to care, then PCB is doomed to the statuesque of accepted lawlessness and an image that everyone should be ashamed of, but evidently they are not.. VERY SAD . . .


  2. I take exception to Tabor’s rant!!! I am a resident of PCB and have been for nearly 30 years. I am an active participant of the political system and desperately trying to rif the beach of “special interest” who coincidentally have the same name as a famous hotel chain with a famous name.If you have any interest in PCB other than to mope, you may know with whom I speak. Some politicians on the local level vote to keep their offices.

    I trump you!!! I am a PCB owner and full time resident. I dont appreciate being called complacent just because you are having to pay more taxes than others. Some of us dont have a “condo on the beach” to come to. As to the comment of the residents being content with the redneck riviera image. It takes one to know one.

    Its OK, I forgive you and others that group us all into one bunch. I agree that everyone should vote but what is the ratio in your hometown?


  3. “Redneck Rivera”. Real nice. Your “vacation home” that you can’t stay in for two entire months stays vacant during the spring break months you mention? First, how long do you stay in your “”vacation home”? Second I go back to the question that started my comment. You own a beach side condo. Does this “vacation condo” get rented out, or do you stay in it? If not, you are letting it sit empty when you could be making money. If spring break upsets you so much, then you must have purchased your condo before PCB was a popular spring break destination. My response is to sell it and buy a condo where spring break isn’t popular. Since you bought it before the popularity, your profit should be massive. The United states has plenty of coastline where nothing exciting happens. Every day the same. I agree spring break is a pain in the ass in almost every way, but the income for the city during those “months” helps fund what you love about this city when you are here. Everything in life comes with the good and the bad. Nothing is perfect. Florida is big. Try somewhere else and quit bitching.


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