Cajun Fest is this weekend at Grand Panama

Cajun Fest actually started yesterday and will last through Sunday at the Grand Panama Resort in Panama City Beach.

There should be tons of jambalaya, crawfish and gumbo with Cajun Creole music.

Originally Cajun Fest was held at Hamiltons, and according to their web site, “it just disappeared”. I, for one, love cajun food, and will definitely be taking my kids there this weekend.

check after the break for the entertainment schedule.

From the website:

Appearing Saturday Night

SINCE 1990, THE SAUCE BOSS HAS FED OVER 148,000 PEOPLE, ALL FOR FREE while he plays his own swampy. Florida blues. A Sauce Boss event transcends performance. It’s a soul-shouting picnic of rock & roll brotherhood, involving everyone. And at the end of the show, everyone eats.

JIMMY BUFFETT SINGS ABOUT THE SAUCE BOSS in his “I Will Play for Gumbo” song. Parrotheads are now phlocking from all over the country and are also bringing the Sauce Boss to “play’ and a’ sway’ with the gumbo” at their events. Festivals and performing arts centers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe are featuring the Sauce Boss and his gumbo. His songs “Let the Big Dog Eat” and “Great Big Fanny” appeared on the Jimmy Buffett compilation album “Margaritaville Café Late Night Menu”. NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition” have both covered the Sauce Boss. CNN and EXTRA sent film crews to New York City Sauce Boss extravaganzas in 2000, The Food Network’s series “Extreme Cuisine” visited the Sauce Boss on location in New York, and another Food Network series “Keith Famie’s Adventures” filmed a Sauce Boss show in Miami. The Sauce Boss is the only personality that’s been featured in “Living Blues”, “GQ”, AND “Gourmet Magazine.

The Heat
VIP Party
2:00 6:30pm
Amanda Shaw

2 thoughts on “Cajun Fest is this weekend at Grand Panama

  1. I went to this on Saturday around noon or so. I was very disappointed that they were charging $5 a head to get into this event. Few tents, and a band playing is not worth 5 apiece in my opinion. Maybe if they had more vendors and some headliners, but not for the limited venue they had. To charge admittance was a dis-service to the vendors that paid to sell their wares. My party left without going in as it was not worth it. I wonder how many sales the vendors lost due to this poor decision to charge admittance. The organizers already are making money from the vendors and did not need to get more from a fee to get in with what little they were offering.
    Bottom line, was not impressed.


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