Panama City Beach Seafood, Wine and Music Festival

When Jeffrey Wolfe’s Multi-Media and Beach Events both showed no interest in promoting this year’s Indian Summer Music Festival, a group headed by Marketing Committee member, Jack Bishop, stepped forward to take of the event. They are wanting to rebrand it as the Panama City Beach Seafood, Wine and Music Festival.

Wondering the history of the name “Indian Summer Music Festival” – I actually like the idea of rebranding it to the Panama City Beach Seafood, Wine and Music Festival.

The two things that keep my wife and I from these festivals is the food and the cost. We used to love going to these things, but every time we’d go we’d pay a fortune for crappy food. It sounds like with this, we may still pay a fortune to get in, but at least the food will be good (hopefully).

Check after the break for the full presentation document.

But lets talk about that possible fortune that we may have to pay as an entry fee. What is fair to charge for something like this? I know everyone has to make a profit for it to be worth their while, but are there other ways to generate revenue without charging a hefty entry fee? I’m discussing this without knowing what the proposed entry fee will be.

Anyway, below is a link to the full presentation document:


13 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Seafood, Wine and Music Festival

  1. If they keep having nothing but country music I will never go. The year they had Hootie and the Blowfish was really fun and the very next yeat its right back to a hillbilly fest. Have music that everybody likes.


  2. This is a great plan and the right people involved. Finally! An event that reflects what we are becoming! But it will never work without support! Everyone with a local interest has to get involved some how… this is our ‘community’ event of the season but we cry failure when nothing but country music lovers from out of town show up. If we want this event to be what it can be, then the people that are already here need to support it either by attending… sponsoring… participating… or all of the above. It looks to be the best year ever if they get it in motion! Can’t wait to go!


  3. I was there last year for the first time and had a BLAST…. We traveled over 600 miles tp come. KEEP UP THE GREAT FEST!!!!!


  4. Wow, with the entertainment on the link, we will be there! They are finally listening and getting rid of the just country scenario of this event. Finally!

    Entry fee? I would guess it would/should be something along the lines of the Pensacola Spring Fest. $25.00 for a 3 day pass with a lot of entertainment. That works for them every year, and the cost is low enough it would work for a family. That would be my suggestion.

    Think we may finally have a winner with this festival!


  5. Sounds great! I’m wondering, who do you get in touch with to be a part of the festival? Someone who will be dealing with entertainment? Any help would be appreciated.


  6. I read these comments and I am a bit taken back. I recently stopped by the newly opened “Tootsie’s” in Pier Park – it was jammin’! I thought , thank you lord, someone has finally realized that with Alabama & Georgia and southern states sending a lot of visitors our way, someone has finally discovered the missing link…COUNTRY MUSIC! I read your site comments…does it occur to anyone, besides me, that there is life OUTSIDE of Bay County and other people would like to see & hear more variety when they have here- not just what the local’s might want?I have attended the “Breakers” many times and seen the “last” Clutch show over and over. The food is wonderful, the entertainment is good, but it is the same over and over with Mr Bishop’s groups. I am from KY and Kentucky and Tennesse have a wonderful tourism response….and they base it on COUNTRY music! If we want to have this area become a successful destination , and Pier Park is a blessing here, let’s make the festival and “multi-talented” event with several choices each day , and follow Pier Park’s entertainment vendue!


  7. Most of today’s country music fans are ex classic rock and pop fans, that love today’s country music crossover. I am a local and travel out of our area to attend festivals, such as CMA in Nashville and Country Jam in Grand Junction, CO. These venues are wonderful and they do a great job. I am excited about Tootsie’s. We have Nashville coming to PCB. I think the changes in the seafood festival are wonderful, however top country talent will draw tourism to our area.


  8. Also, look how much attention Kenny Chesney brought to our area. Free concert too. My brother-in-law lives in Charlotte, NC and all the country stations up there were talking about it. I just went to see his concert in Phoenix, AZ and spent over $100 per ticket. The Spinnaker footage was played in his Poets and Pirates Tour.


  9. I wont ever go again the staff was rude I even spoke to the promoted he was rude also. the parking was awful the park was nasty there werent enough bathrooms mostly carnival stuff & you had to pay extra for that. If I want to do carnival stuff I will go to the fair.


  10. I wont ever go again the staff was rude I even spoke to the promoter he was rude also. the parking was awful the park was nasty there werent enough bathrooms mostly carnival stuff & you had to pay extra for that. If I want to do carnival stuff I will go to the fair.


  11. We attended the seafood,wine,muscial Oct.10,2008 for the first time. The area was neat and clean. Everything was well organized.The music was great and the food was wonderful.The bad thing was…….none of our wonderful local wineries were there.I was wondering why?


  12. This is the premier event here in P.C.B.! I am flying in reletives and friends from Mass.(8 people) and also bought VIP tix for them and myself to STYX on Sat.then bought our 9 and 9 more (for friends and co-workers here)
    (18 total) general admissions tix to GRAND FUNK!!! I can’t wait! I know I am very blessed and fortunate to be able to afford to do this, but what i did was wrap the concert tix and plane tix in x-mas paper and mailed them out! We(Myself
    and 17 people i love dearly) will have one heck of a reunion/get together/party for THREE DAYS!; and “I’M DONE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!!!!” Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!!!


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