New Preschool in Panama City Beach – PCB Academy

A much needed preschool will open in Panama City Beach this week. PCB Academy, catering to children from ages 2 to 5, features an Early Preschool program, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten. Their website advertises that they beleive that children learn by doing and offer stimulating activities using challenging materials.

PCB Academy uses the High Scope curriculum that utilizes specific “centers” that promote active learning. The interest areas are broken into different categories: block area, house area, small tow area, book area, sand and water area and art area. By doing variations of the same thing each day, progressing throughout the year, the students are given a sense of routine, allowing them to grow to expect what happens next.

PCB Academy had an open house last Wednesday and I was told by some that attended that everything was quite impressive. Having children, I know there is a huge void in the area of quality child care in our area, so I’m excited to see this new school come online on the beach.

The school opens Monday June 2 with the hours from 7am to5:30pm Monday through Friday.

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