VIDEO: Panama City – Bay County International Airport Construction Update

The construction of the new Panama City – Bay County International Airport is ahead of schedule. The entire 1300 acres of the initial footprint is cleared with crews to start paving the main entry way from 388 in the next couple of weeks.

The recent approval of the state budget that included $12 million from the state will fund the first extension of the runway. Day one of operation for the new airport will include a full 10,000 foot runway. In addition, all the preparatory work will be done so that when they need to lengthen the runway to the full 12,000 feet, it will take a mere matter of months.

Something else that is cool about the construction of the new airport is that the terminal will be LEED certified using all recycled material. The stormwater treatment will be 50% greater than what is required.

There will be an additional 1400 acres outside the airport property that will be used for commercial development.

Check after the break for the video and more pictures.


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The current airport wears the “international” badge, but really only services very few flights (less than 3 a month) from international waters, specifically, the Caribbean. The new airport will have the facilities to service from a greater array of international destinations with full customs and immigrations facilities built into the terminal.

At the current airport site, there is no room to expand the General Aviation possibilities. The new airport site will have virtually unlimited GA possibilities.

With the heightened gas prices, the construction contractor has begun working almost 24/7 to get as much work done before fuel costs go much higher. The cost is the same, based on their bid, so their profit margin goes down as their costs go up.

They will start taking bids on construction of the terminal this summer with them to start construction late this summer or fall 2008.

Be sure to check back for more information about the Panama City – Bay County International Airport located just north of Panama City Beach and news about our area.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Panama City – Bay County International Airport Construction Update

  1. Jason,
    Just thought you would want to know. It is called a LEED cerification which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. (no S on the end). The certification is given by the US Green Building Council. The local chapter is in Pensacola (Northern Gulf Coast Chapter) but there are two Bay Countians, myself and Allara Gutcher, on the Board of Directors. We are in the infancy of bringing a Branch of the organization here to Panama City. If anyone is interested in learning more they can call me. My mobile is 850-866-9918


  2. Jason
    I’m not sure as to whom I may contact in regards to the hiring process at this wonderful facility. But I want in. 14 years at the SLC International with Airfield Maintenance is enough. It is time for a transition. Also an environment where I can drive my collectible VW’s on a daily basis with out freezing my BUTT off. What is amazing is how friendly the whole community is. Guess it’s Southern Hospitality. Very Nice
    Call me if you have a contact 801-824-9436
    Thanks Paul


  3. I’m looking to be a part of the team at the new airport. I understand they’re aiming for a May 2010 opening. Does anyone know when they’re going to start the hiring process for any and all positions? The economy having been what it is for the past year and a half, I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that it’s time for a career change!


  4. I’m looking for a job and would love to be a part of this wonderful new, soon to be airport. I have been in customer service and a buyer for a store for 25 years, I understand people and their many concerns, I love working with people and have a great way of making them feel relaxed, I love to have fun and laugh, and I am really good at making people happy.
    Thank You for Your Time
    Amy White


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