June Grass is Here

Every year it keeps coming back, whether we like it or not.  June grass isn’t actually grass, but an algae bloom that usually washes ashore at the beginning of each summer.  It usually lasts around a month.

June grass is not harmful or toxic, but is sure feels funny on the legs when you are in the water and usually fills your pockets.

3 thoughts on “June Grass is Here

  1. Word has it that Tampa, Sarasota, and other “gulf coast” areas don’t get it or not as bad as PCB! It is a resulting from the fact that sewer is dumped into the gulf about a 1/4 mile offshore from the older condos, as the area didn’t have sewer processing plant when those condos was built… is this true?


  2. This is true. I have been to Sarasota many times (Siesta Key) and although they do have “red tide” every couple of years they do not have this algae. The water is usually pretty clear there.


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