Summertime Sunset Timelapse Video

Ahh, summertime at the beach. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Of all the joys in this world, it is hard to beat a beach sunset on Panama City Beach. People come here from all over and almost everyone believes our beaches really are amongst the finest in the world. White sand, emerald waters, beautiful skies. . .

Anyway, enough chatter, check the vid after the break.

View in HD

2 thoughts on “Summertime Sunset Timelapse Video

  1. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I tend to forget where I live sometimes. This is one of those moments when I say something like “Holy crap! I live at the beach!”


  2. Im a Canadian who visits every winter for 3 months, my husband and I fell in love with PCB from the first time we saw it. This was a lovely sunset video, it almost makes me homesick, how can that be?


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