PCBDaily gets a facelift

In case you didn’t notice, we’ve got a who new look.  We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds and it was time to clean everything up and refresh the look.

There are several new features that will make your visit here at pcbdaily more enjoyable:

  • A Featured Article: At the top of the home page will be a featured article at the very top, this will keep what’s hot right in front of you everytime you visit us.
  • 4 More Featured Articles: Below the main featured article will be four main categories.  We’ll use these to keep you alerted to what is going on, and will have special feature articles displayed here in the near future.
  • Gravatars: In an effort to make the site more visually stimulating, I’ve added the capability to use gravatars.  Sign up for your own gravatar now!
  • Hot Conversation: In the first sidebar at the top is four thumbnail images that link to the hottest discussions on pcbdaily.com.  Use this tool to see what all the chatter is about, and take part in the action.
  • Write for Us: With the launch of the new site, we’re welcoming writers to share what you know about Panama City Beach.  You can make up to $25 a post or link back to your web site or business.  Share your opinion and make a difference!  Click here for more info.
  • List your Business: List your services or business on pcbdaily.com!  With the new Directory Listings page, you can link back to your web site, list your phone number and tell everyone about what you do.  This is on special right now for only $10 per month!  Click here for more info.
  • Easy-to-Find Content: We organized all the content and put it all in an easy to read navigation bar along the top.  All of the main categories are along the top with sub-categories that drop down if you hover over the main cats.  Everything is clickable and will take you to all the topics listed under that category.
  • Featured Video: Always keep up with the latest vids about Panama City Beach.  On the first sidebar on the right is a teeny-tiny video – watch as this updates when I publish new movies.  There is a “view in hd” link directly below the video that will take you to a larger version.
  • New Subscribe Page: With the new release, we found it prudent to launch a whole new way to keep up with pcbdaily and Panama City Beach.  For you young cats out there, you probably already use Twitter, but for those of you like me, you may have never heard of it.  Keeping it brief, I’ll just say that it allows you to get up-to-the minute updates on what is happening on Panama City Beach.  That’s right, if something crazy happens in a meeting, you’ll know about it when it happens without even being there.  When we go to an auction, you’ll know the price per square foot the minute it something sells, and you won’t even have to be at your computer, it can all go right to your cell phone.  Click here to visit the new Subscribe Page.
  • Advertise with Us: Have you dreamt of advertising on one of Panama City Beach’s hottest web sites?  Ok, maybe that is a little stretch, but we still continue to be amazed at the growth that we see on a monthly basis.  We’ve grown almost 500% in just 12 months!  With a competitive demographic of people that love Panama City Beach, take this opportunity to advertise your business or services.  We have tons of options that are sure to fit within your budget.  Click here for information on advertising with pcbdaily.com.
  • Keep your eye on the banner: As our mood changes, the weather changes, we have varying feature stories, announcements to make, etc., you’ll see the banner image change.
  • See the Beautiful Post: Notice how sweet looking the post-pages look.  With an all new design, we enhanced the look of the pages you’ll be looking at most.  At the end of each post you can see all the related articles, share the article through your favorite social bookmarking sites and see all the realted tags used on that particular post.  All the comments are orderly looking and easy to read.
  • View the Archive:  All new to this release is a whole page dedicated to archives.  One of the best things about pcbdaily is all the old information and the ability to easily find it.  Click here to view the Archives Page, it can also be found in the navigation on the bottom of the page.

We are always open to comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  Enjoy the new site!

12 thoughts on “PCBDaily gets a facelift

  1. Hey Jason,
    Way to go buddy. I love what you do and the energy that you put in it. It is great to see people being creative and living on their creative edge. Pearl S. Buck said, “The young do not know enough to be prudent and therefore they attempt the impossible—– and achieve it, generation after generation” Keep reaching and stretching Jason there is no telling where you will end up!!!!


  2. I share the sentiments of a few other people who commented this site is going in the wrong direction. Its much more complicated and harder to find information. Very cluttered. This last turn seems like it was aimed at getting advertisment dollars and not getting additional information on the PCB area.


  3. I disagree. I think the site is organized much better and the layout is much easier to read. I love the feature boxes at the top. And good for you for finally trying to make a little money from all the effort you put into the site. Way to go!


  4. I love the new site and I love Karen’s quote. Don’t be afraid to try and make a few bucks on your hard work.Don’t hate the player, hate the game.


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