See Me on TV!

Former Panama City Beach Mayor Lee Sullivan has been gracious enough to invite me on his weekly News View Show aired on WPGX every weekday evening at 9 pm.

Last Tuesday he had the current Panama City Beach Mayor, Gayle Oberst, on the show discussing beach tourism, the local economy, the TDC efforts, and the bed tax, just to name a few.

Today, when I’m on, we’ll be discussing all the fun stuff we cover on

Be sure to join us for 30 minutes of fun and “attitude”!

Again, it airs at 9 pm on WPGX.  I have Dish Network so the channel for me is 28.  I hope you get a chance to see it, and hopefully I won’t look like a fool!

2 thoughts on “See Me on TV!

  1. It was a good show, just not long enough to cover more subjects.

    The Mayor should have you on his show at least once a week to discuss subjects on this website. Maybe more people will put pressure on the TDC.


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