Pier Park Announces New Stores

The list continues to grow as the number of retailers increases at Pier Park on Panama City Beach.  With over 100 retailers currently open, Pier Park continues to WOW locals and visitors alike.

Retailers coming soon include Aqua Gallery, AT&T, Baja Cafe Beach Hut, Crocs Footwear, Famous Footwear, Guy Harvey’s Grill, Nike, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Runway Collection, and Polka Dots Toys & Gifts.

Baja will be next to Panera Bread and is getting close to opening with the other shortly after.

One thought on “Pier Park Announces New Stores

  1. I LOVE Pier Park – I AM for banning pets. Over Labor Day weekend, a pet owner (Dog) was allowed to do his business on the sidewalk. About 30 people, not looking down, had stepped in it, and tracked it into stores, and all over the sidewalks. IT WAS A NASTY MESS, and who was supposed to clean the mess up??? I VOTE NO DOG/PET owners to be allowed to be in Pier Park with their animals.


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