Bike Week on Panama City Beach, Day 2

I didn’t have the pleasure of spending much time out and about this afternoon, but I was out tonight.  As always, Ms. Newby’s was slammed.  I had the great pleasure of meeting John McVeigh, who said business was good.  There were people (and bikes) everywhere.

The weather was cool, and even almost cold riding a motorcycle, but the days have been absolutely gorgeous and clear.

It’s hard to say yet if the numbers are down from last year, but many are predicting they will be.  With the current state of the economy and fuel prices, it is expected that many bikers stayed home.

I stopped by La Vela to find I just missed Kelly and The Healers.  I’ll catch them tomorrow.  Everything was slowing down by 9 pm, except the bars, of course.  Edgewater was dead, but I did have the opportunity to see the Dan Lawson Band and the young Patrick jam it out.

Salty’s was busy with some pretty sweet bikes out front, one had a Jack Daniels bottle built into the take, cool.

Tomorrow should be a blast, I’ll have more time to visit the venues and check everything out.

One thought on “Bike Week on Panama City Beach, Day 2

  1. You mention that this event would probably be less than the last one – but isn’t this Tropic Thunder’s first event?


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