Bike Week on Panama City Beach, Day 4

Saturday was the last day of Bike Week, for me at least.  There were still venues open and bikers abound yesterday, but since it was Sunday and I was completely worn out, I stayed home with the fam.

Saturday was crazy busy, although it seemed like there were more bikers on the road than at the venues.  Riding around, it seemed like there were bikers everywhere.  Talking to a friend yesterday, he said that it seemed like everywhere he looked, there weren’t just a few bikers, but several packs of bikers – streetside, hanging out, at gas stations, etc.

Talking to several local businesses, many thought this year was actually up from last year’s fall rally.  If anyone has any quantifiable evidence to exactly how many people were here, please share!  In the future, we’ll have to figure out how to make a count – I know that it hasn’t been figured out yet.

I spoke to the camp site across from La Vela, and they said they were busier than last year, but were unsure if it had something to do with more people wanting to camp because it was cheaper.  Talking to vendors, I was told that sales were way up.  Apollo Choppers sold 7 bikes!  Ms. Newby’s had motorcycles parked all the way down Thomas Drive almost to where Red Rose is and Ruthy T’s used to be.

Check below for pics, and comment on the fun you had over the weekend!!

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