Condo Auction Today at Ocean Reef

Get your checkbooks ready, because there is sure to be some good deals to be had today.

At 11 am, Ocean Reef Condominiums will be putting 31 beachfront condos on the auction block.  National Auction Group, the same auction company that sold 50 condos at Palazzo August 2nd of this year, will be putting on the show onsite.

With over 63 to choose from, 31 will sell regardless of price.  The sizes up for auction are either 2 or 4 bedroom configurations ranging in square feet from 1,100 to 1,600.

Registration will start at 9 am with the auction to begin at 11 am.

Get Live Auction Updates

I will be in attendance, and for those of you that can’t make it, I will be sending live updates to all of you that are “following” pcbdaily on Twitter.  The way it will work is that I’ll be “texting” my Twitter account from my cell phone updates on prices sold per square foot and any other exciting information happening at the auction.  When I do this, everyone that is “following” pcbdaily on Twitter will be notified of the updates.  When you sign up on Twitter, you can set up a cell phone on your account to be notified automatically whenever I submit any updates to my Twitter page (you can turn this feature on and off at will, actually), or you can set up to be notified by email.  You can also see pcbdaily’s Twitter updates in the sidebar of the website under the heading “Twitter”.

Click here for a full list of auction terms, etc.

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