Bayou Shrimp Boat

This is a photo of an authentic and dying part of the Emerald Coast.  Homemade shrimping and oyster boats are all but a thing of the past along the coastal bayous and bays of the panhandle.  During their hayday, you could see dozens of these boats trolling St. Andrews, Port St Joe and Apalach Bays.  Now it is rare to even glimpse a single vessel of this granduer (in my humble opinion).

This shot was taken just off Hwy 30-A on the road to Cape San Blas.  Many of you know 30-A as the road to Seaside to the west of PCB.  I had a “lifetime local” tell me that wasn’t 30-A, but according to the sign and all maps it’s FL Hwy 30-A just east of Port St Joe off of Hwy 98.

Description: This is one of my favorite photos.  The “homemade” shrimp boat was sitting in a quiet bayou near Cape San Blas.  As the sun rose it created a beautiful mirror image of the vessel.  Note the bright red hand-painted boat number.

**Click on the image to see a closeup of the details in the photo.

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2 thoughts on “Bayou Shrimp Boat

  1. I really liked this photograph. I went kayak fishing with my husband to Burnt Mill Creek off of 388 recently and we saw some similar boats docked along the canal. There was something quite beautiful about them as we quietly passed them in the early morning light.


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