Red Rose Jems has done it again

They’ve outdone themselves again.  The first time I ate there, it was amazing, I really wanting them to be one of our sponsors.  The readers of pcbdaily had to know about them.  The second time I ate there, it was even better.

The third time, the other night, we ordered one of their gourmet pizzas, half cheese (for the kiddos) and half deluxe with sweet sausage.  It was unbeleivable.  I hadn’t had a pizza that great since Marco’s.

I’m not a food critic or conesouir, nor do I know any fancy culninary terms, but I can tell you, if you haven’t eaten at Red Rose yet, you’re missing out.

They are located on Thomas Drive, just down from the Joan Avenue/Thomas Drive intersection.  Right now, they are giving a 10% discount if you mention you heard about them on  Be sure to stop by.

Their number is 850 249 4367.

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